1. As a veteran of three wars, not one day of my life was spent actually training to defend an American town from the ravage of war. My life was dedicated to helping other countries pursue self rule and personal freedom to choose a way of life. The cost of conflict is high and the currency is blood and souls, living and dead. The entry fee is the loss of hope for one’s own life and the taking of others. The ride is a constant visual of things no person should ever have to see or remember. America pays the price willingly. Citizens have never failed to answer the call. We celebrate Memorial day because we paid for it with 80 million gallons of American blood to save other people and ourselves. The contract period of performance is indefinite and there is no other nation on the planet willing to take the lead or pay such a high price for the freedom of others.


    • Let’s not get started!!!!! I wanted to join the AF after my divorce at 19. My gramps who carried WW2 in his pocket said no way.”You don’t like anyone telling you what to do and have to do it. There is no other choice.” I agreed at 19 maybe I should look at other opportunities. Because of gramps I’ve respected the Military 99%. There was always some asshole who would mess with what they didn’t know. When 9-11 happened I was 38, just divorced for the second time and I was ready to lay my life down for how many people those bastards killed. The cut off was 35 then, so once again my hopes were dashed. I heard later, many lives later they raised the age to forty. I will say it’s a blessing, I don’t have to carry the field around with me everyday. My gramps never talked about the war, he would answer a few questions, not many. I’ve been watching the History Channel to get a perspective on WW2, I was to young. I wanted to see the damage, the working conditions my gramps worked in. I have all of his Military items and during one show it hit me, he was on the front. He would get so mad when people were arm chair soldiers.That really pisses me off. No one but the people there at that exact moment will know why a trigger was pulled or action taken. The other pisser for me,is the parading around of journalist by the hundreds embedded.I keep telling people this is not reality TV it’s Reality. They are risking every troops life. I think a handful should cover the war as they did in past but it’s ridiculous. Well there is my short soap box rant. I believe anyone who see’s duty is affected forever. We forget at times the price paid in lives. You don’t have to shot anyone, you’re still in it and seeing things that you don’t want to make casual conversation about. I appreciate the sacrifices you made. Defending America and helping a country get on their feet are the same.That’s what American’s do. And we’re left with the tab.

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      • A good rant it is. I always tell people who wished they could have served but didn’t have the opportunity, that being a good citizen and helping others is the most noble and rarest service to America. And, it does the greatest good. After all, America is only as good as its citizens and the military is simply citizens, well armed, well trained, and well organized. Thank you for loaning me your soapbox. I look forward to your posts.


      • If we only lived by a honor code, no one left behind or die trying to recover,respect and just gave a shit. America is turning inward we have, Xbox,tweet or twitter,Instagram, Facebook,
        text with phone attached to hand. We are to self absorbed, I feel for our youth. At 50 I have a different perspective. We have so many ways to not have direct contact we’re going backwards in some ways. I’m going to miss many of the “old people” ways. My gramps past at 92, he still called the neighbor Mrs.xx after living next door for almost sixty years. I admire my gramps and feel if more people were like him, myself included, the world would be a much nicer place. I don’t always take the high road. We need to work harder/smarter on rising ourself up, teach others how and hold our government to a higher standard. Lot’s of emphasis on the last one. I’ll gladly lend you my soapbox anytime. I think I’ll take out all his medals and folded flag and post a photo with the post.
        Take care and talk with you soon.


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