Josh Groban US Military Tribute With Song "War At Home" **Empowering and Inspiring**

Protecting our ports after Pearl Harbor.

Protecting Panama Canal after Pearl Harbor

Gramps in Uniform




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  1. I have yet to figure out if we forged a new generation of veterans that will take their zeal to coporate America like our parents and grandparents did after WWII or if we embittered a generation that sacrificed so much to gain so little. All their hard sacrifice and gains thrown away by the government that sent them into battle. I’ll have to wait and see. Thank you for posting this and keeping it fresh.


    • I’m with you time will tell. I think one difference is WWII everyone was poor and joined the service to have a paycheck. They were used to getting nothing. At least in my gramps case. It kills me, so many young people who have the balls to shape our future and they get fucked by their own people. šŸ˜¦


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