Lyme Journal Entry Eight **Lyme & Friends Winning–Me Tough Cookie**

A chronic illness will flush out the weak emotionally and physically. Adversity brings out the true colors in people and those who love them. I’ve attacked Lyme Disease like other challenges in life, fight with a big stick and jump higher. My husband runs the household, carrying a heavy load. I’ve been sick for five years and he is still at my side. It’s not for lack of effort on my part to make him leave.

Last week was the worst emotionally since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I had appointments with the Lyme Doctor and Cardiologist. This was the first appointment with Lyme Dr. since all test were completed. You know you’re off to a good start when the first thing out of his mouth is you are very sick and in a lot of pain. NO KIDDING. That was not surprising but what followed blew my mind. The test showed my body has 3 times the amount of Lead acceptable, high Mercury levels and high Cesium. I’d never heard of Cesium, it’s a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil and dust at low concentrations. Lead levels at 3 times the upper expected limit say recent and ongoing exposure. Lead accumulates in the body, at some point I’ll have Chelation treatment. The side effects of Lead are extensive including organ damage. I have racked my brain on what could cause Lead damage in the house and come up blank.

I leave the office with instructions to increase two meds until I sleep thru the night and wake up with no pain. I have four extra antibiotic prescriptions to add to daily routine. The antibiotics are staggered to make sure you don’t have a reaction. I also have to order another supplement which cost $265 a month, so glad we have the money to keep me alive. The extra pills now put me over 50 pills a day, by end of month reaching 60 pills a day. I go back in November, he’ll have a Port put in my arm and antibiotics will get injected in Port instead of taking pills. When the port stage arrives life gets harder. I have no idea how I’ll react but anything involved with vomiting doesn’t sound good to me. I have strict orders to only drink electrolyte water, water not the sugar type. A much tougher order to sleep, sleep in the afternoon, be in bed by 10:00P. He doesn’t realize I have to juggle 50 pills and write somewhere in the sleeping time.

Friday I completed the test for the Cardiologist, then met with his PA. She explains my body is in constant fight or flight mode from my body fighting so hard and the amount of pain. Adrenal  Gland Fatigue is serious and one way to bring my pain down was to exercise. I laughed my ass off. She recommended I meet with Exercise Physiologist in a month. In the very next sentence says I should not exercise while on antibiotics. I told her I would call back. She’s lost her mind. The other piece of information is my metabolic Test results were not good. No surprise to me. Test shows activity over 55% of maximum heart rate increases my odds for a heart attack or stroke.

General Issues

Pharmacy gave the wrong size needles the past two refills. The cause of my bruising and bleeding. The needles  were three times to long.

Edema in legs to knee making my feet hurt. My ankle bones are not visible.

The shin bone feel broken when touched.

Ice pick headaches continue.

Sleeping thru the night is not happening.  I’ve increased both meds in hopes off sleeping more.



  1. Dear Twin, I hate you are going to through all this. And remember, if you are going to throw up, do it with style… Aim at some nice furniture or against the wall (copy Grandpa or my oldest son 😀 )

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    1. Twin P,
      I can’t do a helicopter vomit because he would never clean to my liking and I would have to sit on the same furniture.Now if we’re in my bathroom, that is way behind in updating, a helicopter would work great.
      Hugs. 🙂


      1. I’m laughing SO HARD now!!
        Dear Twin, keep a vomitero near. You can put pictures of the people you don’t like in there and every time you feel sick, you throw up on them… It’s an alternative to drawing mustaches 😀
        I so want you to get better soon!!
        Twin P

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  2. Oh my…… My home backs on to the forest of the highest tick are here in my State. My kids where immunized the years they were young. My oldest brought one home (head, she got the body) just last week. We have people here paralysed from lyme. BIG hugs for good doctors and proper care to get you through this long trying time :/

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    1. Hi Heather
      It’s amazing how little information is out there. One of the deadliest ticks is the size of a period at end of sentence in nymph stage. Full grown it’s the size of rice. The key defense is DEET and a good check over. The other is learning the proper way to remove a tick. Lyme is tough on kids, their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight if gets to advanced stage. Take care.


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