Very Inspiring Blogger Award From My Inspiration Alygeorges

Alygoeres describes herself as:

I’m a free spirit, unbounded by any rules… but I do believe in RESPECTING ALL. I’ve been through so much in life, and I have reason to believe that there are many more people out there who have sailed in the same boat as I. It’s for that profound reason that I decided to share my experiences on this site, so I can motivate someone; help them understand that there’s so much to life than just resigning oneself to misery…

I wrote a post in June 2014, about my mother leaving me at the county hospital at eight years old. I reposted above for your viewing. Alygoeres replied quickly with supportive words and prayers. We formed a strong bond immediately. You’ll find her site  motivating. Alygoeres has provided constant support from the beginning of my Lyme Disease journey.

Seven Facts About Me:

My brother shot me in leg with his new BB Gun when I was 10 years old

I have to take every car for a ride to see how fast it will go

Fascinated by the Mafia, particularly Russian.

I love Horses, one time rode the horse thru a Jack in the Box. They freaked, what were horses doing in the city.

I went to Daytona Bike Week. Looking at all the bike paint jobs, motors, fat tires, the sound was like a dream. I enjoyed riding the Harley on beach.

I love music yet can’t carry a tune or play an instrument. I made an effort with lesson in Clarinet, piano, Guitar.

I’m an Ordained Minister

I’m blessed to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award twice from Alygeorges. Lyme Disease has me in a stranglehold. She keeps my in her prayers and a great support person.  I hope you will spend time on Alygeorges site,  Please stop by her site, you will find her enlightening.

I will complete the nomination process at a later date.

XO Warrior


    1. Doubting Twin P
      Yes of course the Russian mafia. I think are officially called Costa Nostra. The spelling might be off. I’ve had a very bad morning, the pain made me cry. It takes a mack truck to make me cry. I’m feeling a bit better. Just sitting on couch on the computer. I have a reply to you email, I just wear out before getting there. I have a couple of ideas. I hope the kids were good and you made cookie ice cream sandwiches. It to funny you mention mafia and most comment on the horse thru Jack In The Box. Off to eat lunch, then read the groups post.
      Hungry Twin M

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry you had a bad morning…
        My kids didn’t get cookies, I got home frozen and they were playing with the snow outside. I didn’t feel like doing anything.
        I knew already that you liked horses 🙂 The mafia was a surprise!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. How did the all day class of torture go? Are there any jobs near by so you can respond to the school calling?
          Two of my granny’s brother’s were in mafia, one nephew still connected. Not as romantic as the exotic exchanges I saw in Russia.
          Talk to you later. I took meds, take nap and will email latter. Hopefully you’ll be asleep early but I know the chances.
          Twin M

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The class went well… I survived it 🙂
            Everything is near here but I’m hoping to find something to do from home, just to be sure.
            I hope you could rest a bit ,Twin!
            Nice connections!! 😀

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    1. G
      It’s been fun in the past 20 years as the cars I buy are faster and faster. The thrill of taking a beater out in the country and get on it is just as exciting. Thanks for the congrats. I’m so behind, Lyme is trying hard to kill me. I hope you are doing well.

      Liked by 1 person

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