Throw Back Thursday * Double Shot Bad Company With Paul Rogers*

I love Bad Company, another of my top fav bands. I can listen to Paul Rogers all day! Music was my escape from abuse. I have great memories, most not legal but quite fun. I associate music with times in my life and it holds true today. Time to take the shoes off, lean back in the chair, headphones on and let the music take you to a special place.   XO Warrior


    1. Twin P
      What type of music do you know? I don’t think you’ve heard of one song I’ve played. I’ll be thankful when the Black Dog leaves. I have so many things to do,take five times as long and with depression all I do is want to cry and sleep. I’ve been blessed, it’s been over a year since I’ve so out of it. Pain add to the emotions and I’m lonely. David is working two huge projects so he works late and we don’t talk much when he gets home. a hard month, it’s the 5th year of gramps death and the month my father committed suicide. My therapist had a death in family so she is working hard to get me in. Depression pisses me off. One day I feel like I’m making a difference and a good blogger, the next who needs me. No one would tell the differ except you. I’ve just lost my strength to fight right now. I pray everyday will be different. I have no local friends. I’ve been in the house due to health for 5 years and spent 5 years prior to that taking care of my grandparents as they died. 10 years is a long time to pass you by. I thought my blog was making a difference for others and no doubt it brought purpose to my life. I’m tired of crying. I need a hug. Instead I feel treble quilt. I started a post on quilt,is it learned or inherited. I’ll write more off line.

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      1. You are right Twin, depression sucks. And hugs are really needed. And people around never know how to handle the other’s depression.
        I don’t know anything about music. I can’t sing or play any instrument. I like a few songs but I can’t have music constantly or I feel my brain cornered … It’s hard to explain. Too many thoughts already and no room for anything else.
        I’m sorry we are so far from each other. I totally get how bad it is to be lonely. I don’t have anyone here and some days are really bad. For me depression is something new. I got it when I got pregnant the last time. I never ever had more than a sad day per year. And then suddenly it’s like I’m paying the sadness debt of the previous 40 years. It’s hard. I’m lost and there seem not to be a way out. And I wish I could sleep and forget. Sleeping is something I never learned. I can do eating but I’m glad I never have much food at home.
        I’m sorry David is so busy these days.
        I hope you feel better soon.
        Many hugs!
        Quilt, like sewing quilt?? See, every woman needs/owns a sewing box!! 😀


        1. Lost in translation Twin P
          Guilt not quilt, I probably typed it wrong.I wouldn’t be able to thread a needle. I do have your pin cushion on my desk. My chair should be here in two weeks, I’ll send a photo. I’ll be thrilled to stop sleeping on couch. Do you still have depression from the last baby? You’ve had so much change the past couple of years. Even if a relationship isn’t the greatest it’s still hard to end, 5 kids makes it harder. I’m not as depressed, increased some of my medicines. I do things should not do sometimes. Because I was taking 65-70 pills a day, I cut back on my depression meds. When I was so sick from the meds and Lyme, you couldn’t tell depression was coming on. I still have relationship issues to resolve or not. When you’ve been married 12 years,10 of the years a partner is sick or helping grandparents while dying. Communication issues just get bigger as each year passes. Neither of us are good communicators about our emotions. We don’t fight, just don’t resolve. I don’t know if a 51 year old can be in love,not love the other.They are very different to me. My grandparents were married 60 years when gramps died, he was in love with her. He thought she was beautiful. He never told her, can staying in love last?
          I’m crying. Talk to you again later.
          Emotional Twin M


          1. Hahahaha. Ok Twin, it’s never late to start sewing! Quilting it’s supposed to be very nice. I tried many times but I leave my projects alway unfinished 🙂
            There is a huge difference between love and being in love… And they rarely go together (or if they do, they don’t last together).

            I’m glad the chair will be there soon.
            I hope your sadness doesn’t last too long.
            I had 3 really hard years with things I never experienced before. I guess it’ll take a bit of time to adjust.
            ❤ hugs

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          2. Hola Twin P
            Quilting is a long family tradition. I have some over 100 years old. My granny made quilts. I have a huge cedar truck with about 30 in there. The oldest one, over 100 years was difficult to get repaired. The stitch is not used and only one person in our family knew how to repair. It’s beautiful. My granny was legally blind but made quilts, dolls, doll clothes, pillows, little Christmas animals. She made her own patterns and I’m so blessed to have them and her yard stick. I tried to learn as a teenager, I don’t have patience. Photography, writing and few other things do I take time for. I would love to have an old quilt to hang on wall. We have lots of antiques so an antique bedroom with a quilt as the headboard would look good. By the way, your daughters room looks great! She must be very happy.

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          3. She’s happy but SO bossy!!
            I love quilts, I will finish one… It’ll be pillow size, of course 🙂
            I don’t have the patience to do anything anymore now, I’m not happy about it. I can’t even concentrate and read longer posts. It takes a lot from me. And that’s new too. I could study for my exams with the tv on and everyone around. Now even the bird singing outside distracts me.
            Many hugs!

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          4. superfood and more green foods or a bod ass supplement which i take. vit d is good for brain and omega’s are good. you need a calming tea to drink a couple of times a day. just don’t do anything else but relax your brain. i’m eating popcorn that’s why one hand typing.

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          5. I take vitamin D and iron. But I’m sure I need one of the B complex. I’ll try to find out which one.
            I want pop corn now!!
            And I drink jasmine tea when I remember… I’ll try the sedatives soon 😀

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          6. Sedatives always slow the brain down. You might loose a kid or two on the walk home. Don’t take separate pills if possible or get the type in a packet with 4-5 pills. That way you don’t forget to take. Buy the best quality you can, that doesn’t always mean most expensive. One that might be easy for you to get or order easy. Nature Made are consistent quality. You can go to to learn about different combinations. Take the time for yourself. I’ve learned much about supplements and probiotics and super foods. Taking care of the kids makes it harder to take multiple pills. Get some quality dried shake/juice mixes and a couple of large shaker cups. Some of the mixes have vitamins and antioxidants. All of this info and pills are my Lyme life now.
            🙂 they taste good enough the kids might like choice ones.

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          7. Sedative tea!! There is no way I take pills. I have a lot of funny experiences with sedatives and anesthesia. One day I’ll write about them. My body doesn’t react well to drugs. It’s nice for the others to see though, quite a show, everyone laughs.
            I have to check what’s available here. There is only one pharmacy and no special shops. I’ll check online.


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