Randstien at Hyperion Strum surprises me with Encouraging Thunder Award

“There are only moments. Live in this one. The happiness of these days”  Kate Millett 

Randstien at Hyperion Strum surprised me with The Encouraging Thunder Award. I’m honored to join the members before me. I’ve known Randstien for a year, meeting thru a post about the military. We’re both passionate about the military and often talk about the sacrifice and cost of war. Randstien is a great friend, mentor, cheerleading section, I’m sharing selected comments he’s left the past year. Randstien is a dear friend, He is who I turn to for how to get around in Wood Press. I want to show a side you may not have seen. Please check out http://hyperionstrum.wp.com if you haven’t already.

*The work of true freedom and liberty is never done. This is an example of why our forefathers in America wanted a separation of church and state and also demanded religious tolerance. No country can be truly free nor its people liberated until all nations respect the basic rights of all mankind.

*As a veteran of three wars, not one day of my life was spent actually training to defend an American town from the ravage of war. My life was dedicated to helping other countries pursue self rule and personal freedom to choose a way of life. The cost of conflict is high and the currency is blood and souls, living and dead. The entry fee is the loss of hope for one’s own life and the taking of others. The ride is a constant visual of things no person should ever have to see or remember. America pays the price willingly. Citizens have never failed to answer the call. We celebrate Memorial day because we paid for it with 80 million gallons of American blood to save other people and ourselves. The contract period of performance is indefinite and there is no other nation on the planet willing to take the lead or pay such a high price for the freedom of others.

*Awesome post! Your grand father was a true hero. He and others like him set the standard I tried to follow. They wrote our modern history in the blood of their sacrifice.

*You nailed me Sis! I’m almost certain we saw some of the same concerts, same tours at least. I was a good boy. I didn’t partake of the funkadelic fantagasmic and far out sacrement. I didn’t need to. The music and magic in the crowd took me every place I wanted to go. Thank you Warrior. You deserve a 70’s throw back hug.

Yeah! Frampton Rocked in the day 🙂 Still great music I never grow tired of.

*Dear M. It is a touching story and your accomplishments in finding the light in your life speak of your strength. There are so many things out of your control yet you dealt with it and didn’t let the darkness define your light. You are the Warrior. Hugz

Why I Write

I started writing to unleash the pain of Child Abuse and Mental illness. I started meeting other WP writers thru comments. I felt deeply about others pain. Realizing so many were hurting, I wanted to help. The satisfaction received fills my heart. I advocate for mental illness, children protected yet not protected. I advocate via Change.org. I’ve loved writing, since 6th grade. My career goal was writing for Life magazine as a Photojournalist. I didn’t take that career path yet writing and offering support feels like I hit the jackpot. I thank all following me, liking my post. I have several great friends who make my life better.    XO Melinda

Rules for this award: Post it on your blog. Grant other bloggers the award. What you cannot do: Abuse or misuse the logo. Claim that it is your own handmade logo. What you should do after receiving the Encouraging Thunder Award: Enjoy the award! At least give thanks via comments, likes and/or mentioning the blog that you received the award from. Mention your purpose in blogging.

Time for the nominations. Please visit their site. You will enjoy and find each worth the time. 

Adoption:  http://caseyalexanderblog.wp.com  Her blog is about the journey to adoption and the challenges when the kids come home. Very Educational.

Avalanche of the Soul: http://avalancheofthesoul.wp.com Her blog advocates for the end of Domestic Violence. She shares part of herself and no doubt her followers are thankful.

Noir: http://sedge808.com  He is an amazing photographer, Noir has an eye for what is interesting and  funny.

Divorced, Diseased & Dangerous: http://dddangerous.com  I laugh so hard every post she writes. Her blog in about Lyme, Chronic Fatigue. Serious topics with her British sense of humor.


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