Happy Fathers Day Gramps *Memories Fill My Heart With Joy*

I love you Gramps. The memories we made fill my heart with joy. Teaching me how to fish. The first fish I caught, standing up almost turning the boat over. At 13 you gave me a 16 gauge shot-gun, we went to the levees to practice. I shot a duck out of season, you were pretty cool about that. Laughing when I shot at dragonflies. I will always remember throwing trash cans in truck, heading to levy for driving lessons. He picked up more cans on parallel parking.

Gramps didn’t hear this song, he didn’t know Carrie Underwood. He would rather listen to Buck Owens or George Jones, old-time country. This song touched me deeply, I can’t listen to without crying. I’ll see you soon. I know this is my temporary home.  XO Melinda


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