Help women and girls who have been kidnapped by ISIS * *الرجاء مساعدة الآن

Important Petition

Petitioning President Barack Obama

Help the women and girls from my home town who have been kidnapped by ISIS
Feryal Pirali and Yazda, a Global Yazidi Organization.

My name is Feryal. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I grew up in a small town in Iraq called Sinjar. Last August, ISIS kidnapped thousands of women and girls from my hometown. For a year, ISIS has tortured and raped them. Many are teenagers just like me.

Please urge President Obama to help save 3,200 women and children from my community — some as young as 11 — who were captured by ISIS, and have been raped and tortured for the past year.

I and my family are part of the Yazidi, an ancient religious minority who live mostly in Northern Iraq. Because the Yazidi are not Muslim, ISIS extremists want us exterminated. I and my parents were able to escape, but most of my friends and family couldn’t. I think constantly about the girls my age who I was friends with growing up, who are now being raped every day by ISIS extremists.

They can be saved. In fact, 1,800 have escaped or been rescued — but there are still 3,200 Yazidi women and children being held by ISIS. The Yazidi and the local government in Iraq want to rescue them too, but they don’t have the resources they need to get them out. If the United States can step up and provide much-needed support to these groups, they can start to save these women and children. But the more time that goes by, the longer they have to live through this night

If nothing is done, thousands from my community will be doomed to a life of rape and torture by ISIS. Urge President Obama to help save them while there is still time.

Once, one of my friends who had been taken by ISIS managed to get a hold of a phone and called her family, screaming and begging to be rescued. And then she went silent. She, and thousands of other women and girls, desperately need help.

Join me in urging President Obama to support efforts by Yazidi activists, and the local government in Iraq, to rescue Yazidi women and children from ISIS enslavement.

You can see the original petition on link. Please forgive if translation is incorrect.

XO  Melinda


    1. I’m American so I don’t know how they present themselves. It is a extreme terrorist group who is killing non Muslims in the name of religion.Most of the world considers one the most dangerous terrorist groups. They are heavily financed and have taken parts of Iraqi back. You know there bad when Muslims are killing Muslims. Saudi Arabia bombed them last week. The best way I think we can help is continue to advocate and condemn their actions. How I stay involved is sign up for the emails and Ted Talks updates. My heart breaks everyday for the girls kidnapped in Nigeria. I would like to say peace will come in my lifetime, it’s a 2000 yr old fight. I’m not to optimistic, but I have a voice.
      I probably gave you much more information than you were looking for. I’m passionate about the killing of children, raping women then killing. The US has out problems like every country but I have a heavy heart for many in Middle East.
      Thanks for stopping by the past couple of weeks.
      Have a great day.

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  1. Hi there. I wholeheartedly support this petition, the Yazidi are an ancient minority that historically lived a peaceful co-existence in Iraq. They now face a genocide, and the international community is mostly standing by and doing nothing. Have you seen the documentary, ‘Escape from Isis’? If not, I’d absolutely recommend it because among other things it highlights the extraordinary bravery of the Arabs and Kurds that are risking their lives to save these women and their families.

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    1. Hi friend
      I am familiar with the Yazidi from a program about their history. I’ve heard terrible stories of the efforts to run the Yazidi people out of ancient land.
      I’m not familiar with the Doc, I’ll look it up. It’s hard to watch the conflict in the Middle East and not feel so blessed with our life.
      Thanks for letting me know about the Docu.
      Have a Blessed Day.

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    1. Unfortunately women and children have been treated like this by their own family. It’s very complex and we may never change thousand year old traditions. I’m taking a class at Stanford Online about Trafficking, what really happens and why. It’s very enlightening. Many Universities have a good selection of free on line courses. How can you pass up free even if you don’t participate you learn so much.
      I love this translator, never thought I could speak to Arabic bloggers.
      P.S. I’ll email you this weekend with a proposal.
      Have a great weekend.

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      1. My oldest daughter Caitlyn, really has a heart for people in these kinds of situations. It was one of the reasons that she became a missionary. There are so many wonderful free classes out there. I look forward to your proposal. I hope that your health is improving and that you are having the best day possible. Take care! ~M

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