TED Talk: A Warriors Cry Against Child Marriage

It sickens me to think a girl of 12 yrs. old being forced to marry a much older man. Often times for money, parents sell their children.

Kidnapping girls for the sex trade is hard to swallow. They are beaten, live in filth and forced to prostitute to make pimp money. It’s a growing issue we can advocate and support organizations working to change the situation. XO M


  1. Human Trafficcing is just not something that should be happening on our planet. It is civilization at it’s absolute lowest – the things is to stop it, how? Increasing awareness, pressure on governments to investigate, persecute, it’s a terrible disease if that is human behaviour. It needs to be quarantined. I could go on, I feel very strongly on this, so thank you for sharing this. One step forward…..Peace harlon

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    1. Hi Harlon
      It’s a very disturbing and I feel helpless, it’s an overwhelming. I don’t have the answers. One I get well, I plan to join a group who a truly fighting for a answer not fluffy BS. I hope to be well in two-five years. There may be advocacy when I feel better. Having surgery Monday to get port put in.. Next 9-12 months while doing IV Infusion Therapy.
      Take care and have a great weekend.

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      1. I hope that saying the surgery goes well doesn’t sound trite, but I am on your side, so I will be sending happy healing vibes your way. Sometimes, I think you need to choose your battles – I think you should focus in on you and healing – I think this advocacy work is important but it is such a global issue it will take a lot of collective work to create change – make sure you take care of yourself first and advocate as you can – as will I. That’s just what I do 🙂 Harlon

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        1. Thank you for the kind words and I’ll take all the good vibe I can get. Advocacy work is 2-5 years down the road. I have to give getting 100% of my time. I’ll blog some but only on the day I feel like it. If you go outside or children make sure you use a product with at least 20% DEET. It helps keep the ticks away. Lyme Disease is what I suffering from and it has been horrible and the IV Infusion Therapy is not pleasant . I have three days of treatment with medicine in and the other days I have an hour of saline. Not sure I understand that, but at this I have faith God will leave or take me I don’t mind the party in the sky. That’s what I told my gramps when he was dying. He was so ready to see my grandmother.
          The treatment will make me sick enough I can’t do anything but focus on getting well. The doctor told me 5 years, yesterday I told someone, with my desire to get well, I’ll get there in two years.
          Got to have a goal.
          Have a great weekend.
          Talk to you soon.

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