Dedicated To My Dearest Australian Friend Gavin


Gavin and I met thru the blogosphere on 3/31/14. He is truly amazing with a camera and only started in 2009. He can take everyday objects and present in different perspective. 

He started in color than feel in love with black and white and the rest they say is history. I am amazed at what we can do with light. He doesn’t give himself enough credit, he a professional without question. 

Please stop by his Word Press site  for a looking at his creative style. You can find his at masterpieces on Fluidr,  AUS of Flickr.

Gavin is a great friend, sometimes we go long periods without talking and when we do, it’s like yesterday. He is a survivor of a traumatic background yet he stands tall. Gavin has taken the smart route, surround yourself with friends and family you can trust. 

I’m blessed to have Gavin in my life. We BS, lend a shoulder and make each other laugh. Please pull up a chair, you’ll be amazed at his artistic ability.

Me taking in the beauty of Sydney, Australia

Opera House








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Looking for the Light

Hi, You can find me at and Stop by and pull up a chair. I look forward to meeting you. Melinda

16 thoughts on “Dedicated To My Dearest Australian Friend Gavin

  1. I too count him among my good friends. (I can count them on one hand. ;0) We met years ago at Redbubble- like- 6 years ago or so. I’m not there much these days, so I’m glad to have found him here too. Nice to meet you! I’m an artist too. And am also in love with black and white. I guess my user name gives that away, huh? heheh.. x -Birgitta

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    1. So glad you found Gavin and we met. I’m far from an artist and far from Gavin’s ability. Great guy, he keeps putting off joining my collaborative site. He puts lots of pressure on himself, as you know. He is kick ass behind the camera. No-one has told me that lately. As for writing, it’s a love since early teenage years. I don’t write proper, couldn’t for a million but I write what touches me and advocate issues of interest. I’ll start following now, look forward to seeing your work. I’m at Looking for the Light, WP has me under an old blog, definingmemories.wp or We have several amateur photo lovers but several awesome photo/digital painting. I like to do but have been ill.
      I look forward seeing you around. I talked to Gavin several times tonight. It’s not night for him.
      Take care.


      1. I too am a survivor of awful childhood trauma (of many kinds). There’s more in my BIO if you’d like to read. I think we’re able to spot each other easily in life- most of us survivors. And, I think we’re a special breed. 😉 I’m a writer (for a living) and so must get back to it! I’ll be sure to pop in from time to time. Hope your day is a good one. 🙂

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        1. I wish no-one had to join our club again. The number of men in the same or similar aren’t on the radar. Started my first newspaper at 13 yrs. old,I planned to be photojournalist for Life magazine by 6th grade. College wasn’t in my future, no job.
          Have a great day, I’ll snoop around.


  2. Thank you for sharing your high-esteem for Gavin. I think it is such a beautiful experience to hear a positive and respectful appreciation for another individual, their talents, their courage, their resiliency. Gavin surely is an amazing person and by sharing your feelings, you along with Gavin have added more beauty to the world. Peace, Harlon

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    1. You leave comments that bring sunshine to my day. It’s so easy to get caught up and forget how important the people around us are. Harlon, you sounds like an amazing person yourself. Your so positive and we sure more peace in the world. We need to get to know each other better. I commit to read your blogs and learning about you. You sound like a great person to know.
      Take care

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