• Are you a body snatcher only to drop Daniel in a new universe? Maybe hanging out with Medusa.
      Thanks you. I’m in DC, started another IV combo, new stomach,this shit eats your stomach. A new drinkable stomach med on what I already take! One(huge gag)have two liquids. I take one and she has the nerve to add another. The eat your stomach. It’s life, not the first or last battle I’ll survive.
      I’m strong,stronger headed, determined and not getting well doesn’t fit my plan. I can’t wait to get the charity website and listening around our neck of woods what does under served or slow learning need. I’m building small libraries focused on pre-K and K learning.
      Did you drop by site? I used a new header, it was late,I could not sleep without changing. I travel back from DC tomorrow, I hope to have a group email discussing their suggestion to clean site up, any ideas how except my recruiting. I plan on recruit guest writers and six post close together, then will see. I just don’t want to say goodbye. I’m also sending Kathy a separate email. Can she commit to or have plans changed for her. I need help with more now than every and you and Rob are the IT Dept. I know where you’re coming from and understand. I have times when the fog clears away the pain is horrible some days. If you’re Daniel, you know that I know you have bits of the body that have seen better days. I have Lyme arthritis in every joint. Still bruised from big bad ass run in with the Armoire.
      I’ll catch up in a couple of days or over weekend.
      Your my buddy, always there and most times agreeable.
      I may need your help getting my previous blog imported to current one. I have tried for weeks with WP help. Must be the cognitive ability that hitched a ride to Route 66.
      Happy Chinese New Year-of the Monkey. See if you can write some monkey tails like you did with the Otters.

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