• Hi my friend
      The church is worth a week itself. St. Petersburg is so beautiful. I have reached the worse but when I do then I’ll slowly start to get better. Doctor is saying 2-3 years. Hard to swallow but there aren’t many choices. I hope the family issues aren’t getting in the way of you being a young lady in the big city. I know you care for you love your mother, she may not want better. Another area which was hard for me caring around tons of guilt. I felt quilty for years about my father’s suicide, God and I had lots of conversations about how the quilt was holding me back. There was nothing I could do to stop my father, move on. If I remember you have some resentment towards your father, maybe because of your mother, I can’t remember. You are a child of Christ, I know your heart is filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask God to help you move past the string emotions towards your parents, ask how he can help you resolve the thoughts so you can build your life. You have so much to offer, so many charity options, missionary work, the world is open. I say these things because I care for you. I want you to live the life you want not the live your parents drive you to. Are you still in London? So much to do there! The most amazing Art displays and galleries were so close together. If you’re into art, I won’t spell correctly but it’s a small gallery I think it’s close to Trafalgar Squre. Spelling like Courtlorld? Not even close. I Thought I had a book but must have slipped my mind. I truly love the Impressionist period and they had so many pf my favorite masterpieces.
      You’ve graduated? Lyme has cause lots of problems, the worse is my cognitive ability. Lyme usually attacks, liver, kidney, heart or brain. I have three tick borne illnesses in my brain and body. I’m on IV’s and more pills than anyone should have to take in a lifetime. Thank you for your prayers, I’m moving forward, started my charity Tree of Life Ministry. It’s going slow since my mind works that way.
      I’m so glad to here from you. Try to get an internship in the Dallas area, UT Southwester University is national know. it’s a teaching medical school. I forgot your major. I will pray God soothes you mind and heart with your parents. He gives strength to respect them both but not let them steal your life away.
      Have a Blessed Sunday celebrating Jesus Christ.
      I think of you all the time.

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      • Hi M,
        I hope you don’t get tired of me apologizing for the delayed replies. If I had the time I would spend all my time blogging because I really love it. But then again I also remember what you told me: to focus on school.
        I’m sad you’re still struggling with Lyme’s; I know God will give you the strength to fight it. I pray He really does. You’re yet to touch thousands of lives with your encouraging and uplifting words, like you have mine. You’re a blessing M. So don’t give up. The battle is far from over.
        My family and I are still struggling. Some days feel worse than others; sometimes I feel like despairing but I trust God’s working on our story too. So we’re still hanging in there.
        You know how I told you you inspire me in ways so unimaginable? Everytime I get so close to giving up I remind myself of the tribulations you’ve gone through and suddenly my issues feel like nothing.
        You’re a strong, resilient woman. If I take on the world with half your courage, I know I’ll be fine.
        I send you many warm hugs. ❀ πŸ™‚


      • Hello my friend

        So glad to hear from you but knew you were deep into the school year. I can easily get down with terrible pain I’m in. One day I remember Father George taking me to the small chapel so you can see The Stations of The Cross. I was around 13, the memory came to me this year. I took a piece of paper and wrote the of each station. Station 9 grabbed me, unable to figure out why 9 vs another. I may never know, the 9th station is when Jesus falls the third time and peasant woman rush to keep his head from hitting the grow. She put a wet rag on Jesus face until she was dragged away. I still see the story of the people around each town Jesus went. Some no doubt their had been other wackos. The people on each side Jesus carrying the cross other would help until they were beaten. I look inward thinking about being alive while Jesus. God gave each of us, to all that accept, Jesus. Jesus was humble, never showing off, hey look at what I can do. The people who supported gave there life to. If you were caught may die themselves. The women were crying out, men in back were throwing stores at the guards.
        When you take a step back, give yourself time to look at who you are, are you on the path in your heart? You’re young yet you walk forward, no doubt in my mind helping people around you. I do know the difficulties and I survived a much better person. One huge bonus was I grew up around the old people in the family. Everything interested me, most. I heard the first had stories of living threw the 1930 Dust Bowl, WarII, Depression, my grandmothers father died in 1930, she was nine years old. I look at the luxuries surrounding my life, pain is hard to live with, I remember my past, my family all made it possible by doing what it takes. There wasn’t anyone to brag about your new washing machine.
        In my heart Jesus walked among us, a peasant, constantly working, God knew who had perfect contrition. There were many who kept his word alive so we can look to the Bible for guidance.
        Invest in yourself, where your faced is where your going. Keep refreshing the path of your life. If you keep looking back it will hold you back.
        I’m very proud how you’ve stayed in school, it can help you in more ways than one. Maybe a sweet straight up kind of man. I’m 52, more experiences, just steps ahead is all. I have faith you can do anything to work thru or around the hostel environment at home, the negativity creates anxiety. We get stronger everyday.

        I want you know a bit of where my health is. My cognitive ability is 30-40%, I’ve had a couple good falls. I tell for when you see three of the same word in a row, misspelled words, many other symptoms. This is by biggest fight for life to date. I’ll walk through it. Lyme has been blown off as no big deal for long. I still write a Lyme Update. I add new information from the recent trip. There all recent since I go to DC once a month.
        Pray for people who are unable to pay, ask for help for the sick.

        I forgot to tell you? Another issue, 5 minute memory. I’ve named the charity Tree of Life Ministry.I know it will take several years. I took the first step. That’s one life goal moving forward. God knows what I have been thru and bad as well. He brought my vision life. Pretty wild to me.

        Take care. I think of you everyday. Keep your eyes focused on the out come.


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      • Hey M, that’s very inspiring. I’ll never understand how you deal with all these side effects brought about by Lyme’s and the medication… that’s why I think you’re the most resilient person I know, hands down.
        Personally my anxiety disorder has been my greatest challenge. I realized if I relied on medication my body would become dependent on drugs so now I just focus more on my faith. That really helps calm the nerves. It’s never easy dealing with it but it’s experiences like yours that keep me motivated.
        I cherish you Melinda. Can’t thank God enough for bringing you into my life.
        May God grant you the strength to beat Lyme’s. You’re a conqueror, and God’s going to see you through this. You’ll be ok.
        I love reading the reflections of the Stations of the cross too. They help one see through the eyes of faith.
        I realized, when one’s faith is strong, everything else feels infinitesimal. I’ve posted previously about the stations of the cross. I’ll send you the link for the 9th station. It’s all about persistence; not giving up in life, no matter how many times we find ourselves on our knees.
        Thank you for your guidance, and the strength you give me. I hold you dear in my heart.
        Don’t stop fighting. I send you many hugs. ❀ πŸ™‚


      • Hi friend
        Glad you’re doing well. My mind is open to receive Gods word. I struggle to get out of bed some days the next day brings a new have to push myself out of bed, like today. I will write more when pain med kicks in.
        l want to talk about drugs on the market, differences and short term effects along with additions.
        Have a great day, shake it up…..skip to class. I’t will mamak

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    • Thanks a million, awards make me fill like I’m making a difference. I will check out the links.
      It looks like we share a beast in our body, your son to? I see my doctor in a couple of weeks, this was the first time I was able to go two months between appointments.
      I’m sure understand it make take longer to acknowledge the award. My cognitive ability has severely been affected. I won’t forget you. I’m not sure I’m following, memory, I will now. We have plenty talk about.
      Have a awesome Sunday.

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