How does Domestic Violence turn to Murder/Suicide



Last week a murder-suicide happened in my neighborhood. I was very ill and on pain meds, my husband shielded me from conversations with Police and the family. I felt a pain of my father’s suicide but quickly focused on the kids in our house.  

My husband came upstairs saying two kids are downstairs, they think the father killed their mother. I went down to get a water and speak to the kids, nothing heavy, a half hug. The kids were 8,10,17 years old. My heart was breaking for them and they’re future pain. I offered some snacks and went back upstairs. By now there are 4 to 6 Police in the house. He came back saying a 17 yr old ran out of house when he heard shot, police were surrounding the house. The older boy was brought here. The police knocked the door in, the father shot himself as they entered the house.

Both parents are dead. How do tell three kids their parents are dead. Your father killed your mother then himself. Several officers were fighting back tears. I lost my breath thinking of the kids future. The girl called family members,  they are on the way to our house.

Once the family arrived, a few facts came out. The parents had been separated for some time. He was in jail for Domestic Violence. His mother bailed him out and he went straight home. She was helping a son she loved, chances are violence never crossed her mind.

The Police took the kids and family to Advocacy Center. The center can start therapy and offer help by trained professionals.

After 11:00 a.m. two guys looking professional were talking to a neighbor. I went over to see if I could help. I didn’t know they were reporters. I shared how little I know. They want to do an interview, right or wrong I did. I could only say over and over, my heart breaks for the three kids, they don’t understand, their in shock  and they have no parents.

I can pray for the family. I ask God to carry the three kids in your hand, help them thru the shock, cradle when they need you most.The kids need help coping with the pain and help with trauma. Amen.

Xx  M



  1. What a terrible experience for those kids, I feel so bad to know they lost both of the parents. Thankfully you were there to offer hugs and support, hopefully they will be ok with heir relatives. God bless those kids.

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    1. It turned bad in every way, extended family was in another country. I believe they stayed with a friend until family could get passports. I think of them often. There were three children, lives changed forever and unable to forget. Thanks for commented.

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  2. M, thanks for giving those children a hug, for being there for them, and simply for just being you. God placed you in their lives for a reason. I will pray for all of you, may God’s mercy rest your soul and those dear, innocent children.


    1. Hi friend
      I’ve missed you, glad to see your back.I’ve faced many challenges but this was hard. I tried to hold back tears.I prayed in my head overtime I saw their sweet little eyes. I have not been able to get them off my mind. I pray God in time take lessen the grief and allow the kids normal lives as possible. I really worry about the two younger ones. The blessing is they have a close family unit close by. I don’t think I could have said anything else with breaking down.
      Thank for your kind words, it’s still so fresh on my mind.
      Have a great day.

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          1. Love you girl. I’ll be out here later. I’m helping my step-daughter deal with her father’s death. So sad. I’ll share with you later. ☕️❤️☕️❤️☕️❤️☕️❤️☕️❤️


  3. This is so horrible, M. We’ve been having a murder-suicide ( domestic violence) every couple of months in my town. I always hurt terribly for the kids- their lives changed for ever. I’m sorry you had to go through that, M. I’m sure it helped the kids having you offer that you did 💕


    1. It’s really bad when this type of violence is happening more and more. I can’t get the kids off of my mind. They are blessed to have close family close by. I pray they continue therapy and help for years. At such an impressional age it is heart breaking.
      I hope your situation is much better and you have some piece.


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