Awesome Clouds Sunday Morning, Face Plant by evening *Trying to save Earthworm*





OUCH! Damage to forehead, black eye, scrapes and stabed myself with Landscape light. So glad it was plastic. It tore thru two shirts. My entire for head turned black.

I will include this photo in Falling section. Sometimes, it’s better not to follow me.  Xx  M


  1. Caregiving comes with a lot of stress, even to a healthy body and spirit, M. 💖 You were so very compromised by Lyme, at a time when you should have been healing yourself. I wouldn’t give up on therapy if I were you. I do love the idea of therapy dogs, and you’re right…it is so meaningful to isolated seniors. Wishing you wellness, one step at a time. You can vent to me any time, but I struggled myself to be well, and it took time, and professional help. And my husband has been steadfast in his support…that has made all the difference.

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    • Human nature save bug except roaches and yucky bugs. He has on your glass door and at least 6-7″ long. He didn’t make it, he was smashed all over my shirt. Hubby didn’t like me standing on hot tub to get the photos. I’ve reached a point of terrible anger, I haven’t talked to Therapist but I can guess. I’m doing what I want. I was a caregiver to granny 2-3 years. I went off the edge and stayed in mental hospital for a couple of weeks. I spent over two years going from doctor to find my heart problems. Caregiver for gramps 3-5 years. Both of their deaths, having to sell their home, I grew up in. We spent six plus months getting it ready to sell. David’s mother died, I had more heart problems, went to Mayo for answer. Not long after, I spent close to 2 years for Lyme diagnoses, get sick beyond imagination. All but one year of my marriage was chaotic, difficult. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I don’t know who I am. I have been ill or taking care of others. I haven’t driven in over a year, starting to feel claustrophobic.
      I know you’ve experienced challenges in your life, how did you find yourself?
      I’m am glad some of my personality traits have changed. I made good money and the #1 salesperson in the company. I was an ass.
      What I know about me. I’m a Minister, starting a charity with hopes of a Therapy Dog. People is Senior living go crazy to pet a dog.
      I can accomplish the goals if my memory comes back. If not I can open another eBay store.
      I’m spewing out like a hose.

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