1. I felt you earlier in the day
    And now I feel you again
    I know what it feels like to have your back against the wall
    And the only way to go is up
    My heart is yours tonight
    As always Sheldon


      • Shelton
        “No not really” meaning you didn’t enjoy my medicine filled dinner? I think you are gentle loving person when you let someone in. I have the feeling you’ve been hurt badly and the pain lingers. Maybe I’m full of shit. I have my defenses as well.
        You’ve been fun, crazy funny at times and I’m glad we follow each other. Don’t piss on me if I crossed your emotional line. The line is invisible.
        Sending a big smile your way.

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      • I have been hurting badly
        And I haven’t had much
        Relief, I’ve been seeing Dr as though they are going out of style
        Now it’s my gallbladder
        I’m not used to all this commotion
        It’s been going on for too long
        My nerves are at a all time high
        I don’t like to complain
        I try to wear my big boy pants all the time
        God I was so twisted this morning
        I kept going the wrong way to take my daughter to day camp
        Now my wife is sick too
        I can’t seem to catch a break
        The spirits are trying to tell me something
        And I can’t hear them
        I’m so frustrated
        My tears have tears
        I’m sorry
        But I just came back from the Dr with my wife
        And read your comment
        And the flood gates just opened
        As always Sheldon


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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