Survivors Blog Here Celebrates Second Anniversary

We’re celebrating our second anniversary with an Open House. Stop in, say hello, browse and read a few post while enjoying refreshments.

Survivors Blog Here continues to evolve, shaped by life experiences and your feedback. Thank you for taking the journey with us, we learn from you everyday. If you’re unfamiliar with our site, we’re a collaboration of writers with different backgrounds and challenges. Supporting men and women as they work thru trauma, taking steps forward, to move beyond the pain.   Drop by, learn about the group by reading Writer’s “About Me” page. I encourage you to visit each Writer’s personal blog.

We are excited Photographer sedge808 has joined the group. He is a Survivor and good friend. Be sure to look at his expansive collection on Flicker. In Other exciting news, Peacefulyogamama is back from hiatus looking refreshed, happy, healthy and ready to write. Welcome back Maria.

I write with a team of Survivors who share the good, bad and ugly with a deep desire to pay it forward. I believe they shine light on the human spirit. We’re ready for the journey ahead and invite you to join us.

Robert M. Goldstien

Hypervigilant   (Casey)

Surviving the Specter



From The Darkness into the Sunshine


Army of Angels is on hiatus, we look forward to her return.

and myself 🙂 

Looking for the Light Blog

What’s on your mind? We’re listening.

Xx  M


    1. Hi Marcus
      The photo is near Fort ?, my gramps joined the Army in 1939. The area is a training (defense) big guns, big ass ships for all branches on the military. So cool, all the guns on a ship are hard mounted, my gramps was a Marksmen? on #3 or #5 gun. During the war he was right behind front line, mechanic who could fix big equipment left behind for us to use.
      I pray you’re healthy and moving forward. When your ready, the door is open. I could use your help, 1 IN 6 is my passion right now. There is so much to learn, trauma felt inside not often reported. I need to educate all of us to support all of us. sedge808 is a Survivor, you’ll like his work if into photography.
      Keep in touch. If you see a post and I miss the mark or only skim the surface let me know. I’m learning from 0, one person, not complete story, trauma held inside burns like hell. You know better than I.
      Have a great week.


    2. Marcus
      I think the name of Fort is McArthur or something along the line of. It is a Museum now, I would love to go and walk on the ground my gramps did in his time there. He shared many stories of the antics some of arrogant pilots would do and get in jam. Same in Panama once War was declared. We were concerned of being attacked from that area so a good size of troops from several branches protected the Canal. The government had set up these huge very tall poles of some sort to keep them from flying over the area. He said the young fighter jocks would show off by flying through the area closer to ground. More than one didn’t fair to well. He had good memories from there before being shipped out to fight.
      It sounded like you might have some interest. If not I get to give you a wake up call depending what country your in.
      Have a great day.


    1. You made my day!! You’re the first to comment. So glad we write topics that keep you coming back. New Writer’s will bring more flavor to the team. We have to have fun as well.Personally I want to focus on Advocacy Groups and issues at hand, so many people still suffer in silence. I think a month, a few post on one trauma/issue at a time will help educate us better. I think writing several post over several weeks would helpful for us,really dig into issue. I may not know anyone with trauma, but all Survivors know trauma and how it feels. We can support all, hopefully community involvement. May be dreaming but I have to keep reaching. So glad you have supported us from the start, it means a lot to all of us. We do want to make a difference. You have ideas anytime, drop a comment….that is how we grow our support system.Do you follow any writer on their personal site? That type of info would help me, I’m Melinda…Looking, I’m a co-founder. Keep the lines of communication open.
      Have a great day.

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