• Sheldon
      I feel the sense of pain you’re in. You are on my mind, bring you something good for the gut if I could. Don’t stop feeling. Your a good man being kicked around by your body, you’all manage in time. Put your pain in prayer, think of others in pain.
      Big Hugs


  1. “Here Comes the Sun” is One of My Favorite songs of hope. I did a sermon at church a couple of years ago about mental illness and had the choir sing, “I Can See Clearly Now,” which is another one of the favs for when I’m down. The shorter days are getting to me too. I love the look of Fall, but what it does for me. Thank you for posting.


    • Hi Bradley
      I’ve loved the song forever but this week it took on a new meaning for me. I relate to music so easily and this song was clearly something I needed to hear. I hope my friend has the sun on her today and the desire to live.I also love my Sweet Lord, I try hard at times to not exclude other religions even thou mine is apparent. Get you a good light, the ones for sewing and crafting use full spectrum bulls and I’ve hear it helps.
      Have a great day.

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    • Thank you Van
      You’re right it’s a rough time for those with depression when the days get shorter and more sunlight is needed. It think it’s called SAD, don’t remember what I used to. Thank you for sharing your story, I didn’t know or was lost in a memory. You understand the struggle so many talk about. I pray your depression has lessened over the years or treated. My friend is so close to suicide and she’s half a world away. She’s a blogger friend who I befriended and supported/educated her while excepting her mental illness. Unfortunately from here it looks like the medical system and the doctors assigned to help have missed the make. She’s reached a level of hopelessness, I’ve been there so many times.
      I’ve learned so much from blogging, the biggest gift is knowing you can truly care for people you have not met, become a part of their life and support from your heart all that you can. Sometimes painful…..life has brought both of us pain, we no it’s a part of life, God has a plan. Sometimes he doesn’t let us in.
      I’m leaving for D.C. on Monday to see Lyme doctor, I’ll have my computer if you need a friend. I’m frustrated by not posting your introduction, I know you are totally cool with, it’s the pressures I put on self. Your followers hopefully will learn something new and new followers will want to know more.
      Have a good day.

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      • Thanks for your kind thoughts, M. I am feeling better than I have in years. My worst was in my 20’s. I have found balance through the decades. To combat SAD, I get outside, every day, for an hour or so, no matter the weather. That, and the walk for exercise…both have been a huge benefit. I also eat well, take vitamins, especially D3. No worries on the piece about me…don’t stress over anything like that. Best wishes for your treatment, and the trip to DC. Talk to you soon.❤️ I hope your blogger friend reaches out for help. We all understand the lack of hope at times. It does get better. ☺ Take good care.


      • She’s reaching for me, we’ve been talking for 6-8 months, it’s the slide over the past month that is frightening. I’ve been in the same spot many times, I know you can’t talk a person out of suicide, they have to fight to hang on and their mind changes. Yesterday was the first day have not spoken, it concerns me. We’ve expressed our appreciation and love for each other, all I can do is support her decision and pray like hell.
        I’ve heard a full spectrum light build will help compact SAD, doctors have talked about for years. Optilight? something close makes a small very easy to mover around lamp that requires full spectrum bulbs. Most larger fabric and craft stores carry and of course Amazon World will have.
        Take care

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