Thank You For Love And Prayers

Chronic Lyme has invaded my brain, emotions and bodies ability to move without tremendous pain. I’m blessed to have pain meds and others to provide comfort. Not being to walking is depressing. I wanted to thank you and Twitter buddies for your love, prayers and awesome videos sent my way.

I love James Brown, his grove is infectious. “I Feel Good” video is my fake it till you make it  positive thinking. The second, well just to see his grove! The man can dance. Both made me smile and you make me smile brighter. Without a doubt better days are ahead. God has my path planned out. Xx Melinda

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Looking for the Light

Hi, You can find me at and Stop by and pull up a chair. I look forward to meeting you. Melinda

7 thoughts on “Thank You For Love And Prayers

    1. Big Hugs!!!! He s the soul of dance man!!! Nobody I know from that tine person could shake like he cane. James is lift always make me smile and jump up and dance. Why don’t you give a suggestion for next week. What ever you want. Lately I’ve taken request from followers! It brings us closer.Thanks for the kind words.
      Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to post fav places in your new place!

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  1. life can be so uncooperative
    I know how it can feel to feel less than
    an algebraic equation that
    doesn’t compute
    I feel you real good
    Sending much healing light your way
    And very big hugs
    As always Sheldon

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    1. Sheldon
      Your words add to the hope and determination I feel. I know there is a plan for my life. I became a Minister for my charity, doing pastoral work for the elderly, sick, lonely. I’m hoping to get a certificate in December as a Certified Grief counselor. I try hard to not look down our in the past. Focus on how my experience can help others like so many helped me in the worst times.
      I’ve been emotional, sharing what hurts me. I want to be the Rock, the leader I was, the leader I can be. I got pretty sappy with you, thanks for listening a sending encouraging thoughts.
      You’re a dear friend

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