• Thank you for stopping by and following. I’m pretty messed up with my email for almost a month. I’m shocked I received your email. That is my tech job today.I’ll follow you as well. The issue is not getting the videos to download. I’m been working on post until late. I’ll come back and follow you.
      Bless you

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    • Baby’s eyes are so cute unless devil child. I was looking for new music not played here before, I love the International beat. The music sounds like traveling to me. I was fortunate to travel, soaking in new food and music. Have a great day. Sometimes a follower will blow my mind. I received a Get Better comment, I rarely go to her site, book reviewer, your type of follower. God is good, he sent this person to help me remember how many there are you don’t always see.
      Sounds like I’m improving on Minister skills. It’s exciting because I don’t believe there is a short cut. I’m not building a Church, focusing on Charity and being a Minister will help me as much as people I talk to.
      I must feel better, got me some Van Mojo!

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      • At times the negatives are taking. I seem more angry. I cuss more. I’m losing my eye sight. my body feels the parts are falling off.
        I continue said to myself, I’ve lived through so much pain. I’m have pain for much of my like, we found out he has 1-2 months to leave. Thanks for letting unload.
        Hope the email, it’s two # of crazy email.

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      • You’re a doll, not sure if there’s help. I’m going backward, I have to think about myself. I asked for a wheelchair at both airports. I do this to myself, he wants to get a seat. I have a cane and he forgets when we get to airport. Not complaining, sounded like. We are both blessed to live is USA, I don’t get wrapped in.

        How do you upload? I had no idea or forgot. Dumb any instructions, yesterday, I could not use the correct word. It’s life.
        Big Hugs

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I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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