Throw Back Thursday *Bay, Bay and Bay*

Do you see the resemblance in style or sound of the Bay Brothers, my buddies assure me they are brothers. I followed James Bay and team so long, I’m a member of TeamBay. I love seeing my name on Tweets. This is far better than the Donny Osmond Fan Club.

James Arthur found success with his first album, something held him back. He has a new album and a growing fan base. On the charts now is “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

Alex Francis Bay, his style is a multiple genre. I like the upbeat, hair up and grooving style myself. He is not on guitar.

What a talented family, blessed by music. Let me know what you think.  Xx  M




    1. Hi fellow fan

      Oh, his album is awesome.He is only 26 and is a Rock Star! Can’t wait to see what direction he goes on second record. We keep bothering him trying to give us something, nope! Here’s a link to entire Hurricane Festival in Germany, the first two songs say “James Bay” I couldn’t take my eye of screen, it’s not often you get full shows.

      He’s on Twitter and Instagram, he just came of a long tour so he’s laying low. His Twitter account @JamesBayMusic has tons to goodies and live clips.I’m @seeyouclearly on Twitter and go by Grace. I have lot’s of photo’s/video under two moments on Twitter.
      I’m thrilled as you can tell to talk to another lover of James Bay. Totally cool guy.
      Have a great day.

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      1. I added you today! I’m ASwedishCurtain (my name is Kirsten) 🙂 Always happy to meet a fellow music fan – planning on posting more about music in the future. Talk soon!


        1. That’s great, more people since I started, so think about what type of music and any fun facts you like to add. I’m all over most genres, I lake Rap but to nasty for people to think I use some of the words. I used two Rap songs to make a point two weeks ago, reality around others may not be whats happening to you. I have an older crowd that would say I’ve lost my mind. You might look around to see what format you like and how you want to structure. I believe from watching stats, I think Monday is good day to post and Friday, if you don’t write about a serious issues. Monday seems is a blah day for many who dread going to work.
          I’m learning British Music right now, it so hot. Americans can be resistant to new music but I’ve been successful day. Contact me anything. I believe giving brings more blessings. email any time you want to talk off line.


    1. Hi Van
      I was thinking of you yesterday. You have been a good friend and I appreciate you. When my memory is at the top end, my friends comfort me. I can remember the fun and chatter.

      A bit emotional today, when memory is off for the day, I’ve decided not to write on those days. I realize my blogging may take a hiatus or quit altogether.Battling Dementia brings the heartbreak of seeing my granny loose touch. I am hopeful the two drugs for Dementia will save some memory, I’ve had good days.

      I don’t want to humiliate myself or the Team at Survivors Blog Here. My drive to beat Lyme is strong, but it has a mighty fist. I’ve been diagnosed with a second auto-immune disorder and my Adrenal Gland is in serious danger. It’s scary, getting lost in your body is not pleasant.

      Enough about bad news. Which style of music did you like the best? There are 2 or 3 brothers so who knows. For me, none will eclipse James Bay. I still have Rocker Chick in me.

      Thanks as always for letting me go on, you will charge soon.

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      1. You express yourself so very well, M. I’m so sorry for your troubles. I was not aware that you had another serious diagnosis. Feel free to vent any time. I hope it helps in some small way. Wish I could say more. Just stay strong. 💕
        p.s. I love all 3 of the Bay brothers, was especially moved by the middle video, which I’d never seen. Thanks for sharing your music. Take care. 💘


        1. Thanks Van
          The next 3-4 months are critical. The MRI is to check for M.S., I just want all the truths in front of me, knowing will take the stress down a notch. Thanks for let me talk. Sounds goofy but your the only mother figure since granny died. Today is her birthday, off to write her a note.
          Thanks for everything.

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