Lyme Update 18 *Chronic Illness & Controlled Substances*

The days get lonely, when your symptoms reach the disability stage. Times can get lonely, ask friend or create a circle of like-minded friends who you can talk honestly with.  Keep Learning.

If you’re concerned about addiction, talk to Doctor as you decide the treatment best for you.One complete withdraw on Xanax and two days without Temazepam. This is a monthly struggle. The CDC is putting a tighter grip on Control  Substance management is critical if you suffer from lack of memory.

Going thru withdraw in August and not clear how, I had to understand how this happened. I get anxiety when an addictive drug is running low. I’m addicted to are Xanax, Dexedrine, Tramadol, and Morphine Patches. The Xanax and Dexedrine are for mental illness the others are for Lyme Protocol.

The ongoing frustration is with myself, CVS and my husband. It is difficult to take care of a Chronically Ill person. My husband has to work, do every task at home, grocery shopping, everything.  That’s a big understatement. I have severe dysfunction in memory & cognitive ability.

CVS had new script for increased dosage of four a day, first refill my Doctor called increased to 3 daily, a week later he increased the dosage to 4X. If CVS would have filled each new increased dosage I could skipped the experience of 100% withdraw.

Part of my Lyme Protocol is Temazepam, a restless leg medicine. If you can’t sleep you’re not reducing inflammation on your body. Inflammation is key to treating Chronic Illness. Temazepam (I’m addicted to) is a Controlled Substance, Insurance companies approve refills somewhere between days 3-5 days before running out.There’s no Texas law on when Controlled Substances are refilled. CVS made the decision to help end Drug Addiction by only refilling two days before running out. CVS made change without telling customers. The new policy on refilling your prescriptions has a huge impact on every customer. Refilling prescriptions two days before running out may cause high levels of anxiety and difficulty to make it to CVS two days before running out.

The reason I went crazy, my Temazepam, which had increased dosage , new script already at CVS pharmacy. I’m coming out of withdraw and already having nightmares of two withdraws in one month.I usually take the problems and get it done, my anxiety was so high, I had a Mental Break. Walking around with a note of how many days before running out.

All of life’s challenges ask us are we ready for the next challenge, can you rise up. I trusted God and the future before me. I’ve learned Chronic Lyme had impacted my self-image, always talking about how long before I died, always being asked who are you talking to.

The last couple weeks you’ve seen me struggle with my confidence. I’m bleeding out. I pray you learned something from the post and can a skip withdraw.

Xx  M


    1. They are my monthly headache but our mail order won’t send controlled substances thru mail. I’m still wigged out about the stalker, we haven’t talked in long time. Are the doctors getting their shit together on what is wrong with you and fix it. Some of your post sound like your depressed.


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