Powassan Virus worse than Lyme Disease?

I am walking after three years spent in bed, how could anything be worse than Lyme Disease. I’ve lost three years of my life screaming in pain, narcotics, nine months of twice a day IV Infusion Treatments. The conflict in my marriage is understandable but not erased.

I can not stress enough how important Tick Borne illnesses are, they can kill. If you already have a compromised immune system, your starting behind the curve. I’ve talked to many at WordPress with Chronic Lyme, many of them spent 10-15 years before diagnosis. Think of the pain and isolation of our fellow Bloggers.

People have said we don’t have ticks, for one Lyme and Powassan Disease is transmitted by many sources other than ticks, mosquitos, sand flies, are just a few culprits. Thick of it this way, in the wild animals of all types of animals die, many pest visit the buffet. Now imagine how many pest fly to a hump of dung! Many more than we know and the world is bigger than or neighborhood.

The flying pest target is blood, they have to eat. They don’t discriminate on were to go for lunch. The ticks who carry Tick Borne illnesses are smaller than a pencil lead, try to find that while doing a tick check, you will not see them. Before Chronic Lyme I refused to use DEET, now I won’t step out of my house without. At least 20% DEET is recommended, the last I read.

I was very active before Lyme, hiking, taking photos for the beautiful land around us. Once my legs are stable I will be outdoors, there’s nothing more satisfying. How I prepare is completely different. First before getting dressed, spray a sunscreen with a minimum of 20% DEET. Reply every hour if sweating or in heavy wooded ares. Wear white soaks with your pant leg tucked in light-colored pants. Wear a white or light colored shirt, a hat that is longer in back to cover your neck. Be vigilant with your kids, going is back yard to play, better spray.

Most important, do tick checks on you and the kids throughout the day. Take some tape and if see a tick don’t touch it, pull it off with tape. It’s not very sexy looking like a nerd out hiking. Look at it this way, being sexy while hiking is not possible. Tick Borne illness are not sexy either, you age quickly, I have admit to struggling with how I’ve aged, not feeling attractive anymore, gained 50 pounds, lost 50 pounds and no control over your body.

Watch these extremely important videos and educate yourself. Know the early signs and a short antibiotic treatment may provide a cure. The Lyme rash doctors talk about only 30% get the bull’s eye rash. The test most doctors use do not test for all strains of the illness. I’ve had multiple test over the past three years and not once did I show positive for Lyme.


Xx M

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