Triple Shot Thursday *Shredding Strings, Guitars, Guitars, Guitars*

I can’t get enough of great guitar players, the ones who make funny facies and contoured bodies while playing. The artist passion comes thru the strings. There aren’t any new videos here, my favorites are close by to share with you.

I believe Friday is a Roast for a dear friend, make sure to stop by for the party. Let me know what you think, its way out of norm.  M


    1. Cindy
      You’re my kind of women, you have good music taste. At least I know when I got to my favs I’ll have one fan! Thanks. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a huge part and Roast for Danica Piche! Either I’m crazy or it’s going to be awesome. Hope to see you there. By the way music is involved. M


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