• Thank you…all nature is beautiful if left natural and the animals are free to roam. That’s me idea of beauty. I’m not the best photographer but I try real hard. You’re very close to Africa correct? I’ll have to look at my globe. I’m a very curious person. I have a wonderful follower in Nigeria, I haven’t heard much since the girls where kidnapped and new leader voted in. I know the mother hearts are broken to have children taking away. I pray often the girls are good and not traded in sex trafficking.
      A nice comments and I leave it on a heavy heart. I feel empathy for many I don’t know.
      Do something nice for yourself this weekend/week. You deserve to pamper yourself. It Let’s the stress out.

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      • I thought you were close to Africa, with Africa being so big it’s a wild guess where Ghana is without globe. But I find you. I’ve been very ill for several years and look forward to traveling again. I’m not well enough to drive yet so it may take a while. There are many Reserves I would like to see, migration of animals and meet people. It’s a scary time, countries unstable, I would be scared of getting kidnapped or worse. There is the chance of getting deathly ill since my immune system is not strong.
        It’s not happy to talk about the horrible stuff happening around us, if we don’t face we can’t fix.
        Melinda 🙂


      • Ghana is very safe. You only need to be immunized to be able to travel here. Maybe from malaria and yellow fever etc. That is not to say there are illnesses here. There are still fragile people who live here, just to be safe, considering your weak immune system. Take your time to come. You won’t regret it.

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I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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