Take Control By Shaving Your Head

There are times when Chronic Illness can get the better of you. I had such a week resulting in shaving my hair off. I’m no GI Jane but do have a nice head minus the scars from brain surgery.

For the past 13 years I’ve been a caregiver to my grandparents, spent time in Psychic Hospital twice for ECT. Finding an answer to my heart problem took three years, two Cardiologist and trip to Mayo Clinic who had a diagnosis in four days.

The search for ?? (Lyme Diseases) started in 2012 and diagnosis is 2014. It took two attempts to find a competent doctor and tons of frustration. I’m not driving, my cognitive ability like balance and memory were taken by Lyme.

Last week I discovered a total knee replacement is required and scheduled for 11/14/17. All the falls from Lyme blew out my right knee.

I’m not one to have a pity party but the weight on my shoulders became too much. I gave my husband many reason’s why I shaved my head, the truth is CONTROL. I have two chronic illness, Lyme and Bipolar Disorder. I have to manage my illnesses everyday and only I can do that.

I’m 54, my mental illness is close to balanced, was looking forward to driving after several years, most importantly I want to know who I am.

Shaving my head was liberating, apart of the new me came out. I can control somethings and have to roll with the punches on others.

Can you imagine coming home from work to find your partner had shaved their head? Mine wasn’t surprised.





  1. You said it… empowerment. It was liberating for you and I’m glad for that, M.

    Sorry about the knee replacement, but you’ve been through so much already. You will conquer this like a boss. Thinking of you. Big hugs.

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    • I don’t leave the house except for doctor’s apps. so no fashion statement for me. I had brain surgery at 33 and have a scar on 1/3 of my head, not very pretty. It’s funny, when my head was shaved for surgery it didn’t bother me to go in public.
      I wore a bandana or ball cap and wig to work. No hassle is my style. 🙂

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I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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