We are free when we remove the shackles

Beautiful spider web with water drops close-up

We are free to move forward only when we remove the emotional shackles of regret.ย 

Suze Orman


          1. Maybe not capsize but I’m language challenged. It’s a shame to have a goal to see the world and speak only one language. I traveled to Russia alone and thought the language barrier would kick me. Not to bad people tried so hard, I pray for the day to return to St. Petersburg. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          2. Where you gang sounds like you need one. I think you’er a spy on top secret mission, the next country you travel to may be a clue! You’re smart enough to be a spy or traitor. I’m so full of shit today. My husband is out of town for the week and I’m babysitting the dog. I love Shaggy but don’t walk him or feed him and that’s all men want. Big meal and a nap.

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          3. What is a Linguist? I assume language, no clue on my part. Sounds like a difficult job.
            One thing you may have picked up is my cognitive issues, I have Chronic Lyme, the spirochetes attacked my brain. Built a mega condo project and partied like hell on my brain. I also have trouble with balance. My memory long & short term are affected, it shows it’s self with lots of misspelled words, forgetting and have no concept of time. Why I felt you needed to know I’m unsure, maybe you’ll be a long time follower or thinking Texas people aren’t so sharp. Why?

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          4. Oh, sorry about that. It probably sucks.
            I was wondering what’s with the misspellings. It’s clearer now. Glad u told me.
            I have permanent lesions in the brain, a condition which started badly and after some kick-ass treatment, kinda disappeared. Don’t know when/if the fuck will be back.

            As for linguistics, it’s the study of the language and its structure, like grammar, syntax, phonetics, and so on.

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          5. It’s the unknown that builds stress if we let it. I’m going thru pre-op for a total knee replacement, Labs and X-Rays show my heart is enlarged and I’m battling an infection, and have very low levels of Iron & D. I have to laugh, I’d go crazy otherwise. I’ll be one of those old ladies who talk non-stop about all her surgeries and current symptoms. I’ll be in the corner by herself.
            I’m only 54, there are plenty of great years ahead, I want to get well to enjoy them.
            Don’t apply you learned skills towards my writing or you’ll have many red marks on page. School is hard when you come from an abusive background, drug addict, almost killer (my father). I was blessed at 14 to live with my grandparents and got shit together. Barely inching by to graduate. The internet has taught me I’m a researcher, never say quit, the answer is there and I’ll find it. Sad to say I had to discovery Lyme Diseases was killing me.
            Glad your brain got an ass kicking! msandorm@verizon.net, it’s better than leaving all our conversations for others to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          6. I forgot to say what a beautiful name, I’m sure our accent makes it sound more interesting. I love to travel and fascinated with accents. I have a blogger friend who lives in Germany by Belgium. Not many nice words about that area. The castle looks beautiful. You have quite a travel record. Maybe a good topic for you first book.

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          7. Haha, yeah, right. BTW, the castle is in Portugal. I’ll talk about it…one day.
            As for the name, I live in Germany, but I’m not a German. The name’s origin is Slavic, derived from the noun ‘boj’ meaning “battle.”

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          8. Last place I would think of BBQ. Is it made more like a stew in pot vs BBQ grill. I have little knowledge of the area, my mind draws a picture of cold temps all year, outside bundled up enjoying the snow. I think the families are very close knit as well as friends.
            Why do I think that, all I’ve heard about is from a military perspective. Serbia is small, long history fighting for rights bring people together some times. I would love to go, seeing the world is my goal. I believe my mind could handle seeing most countries. My mind is stoner than I, living my life has given me skills, nightmares and compassion for others. I was an Exec. Living a high rolling shallow life, over compensating for what was lacking.
            Now you’ve read an email equivalent to a nano mini book, I’ll move to your next comment.

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          9. It’s not a stew, just plain grilled meat, sausages and so-called cevapcici but you gotta know the chef. So I suggest heading down south.
            It can be cold and snowy in winter there and pretty warm in summers which are becoming too hot for me (over 100 degrees).
            Families are close-knit, though people are pretty screwed because of the bad economy, so even that is changing. Still, it’s much better than Germany, where I basically meet up with my friends a couple of times per year. This is not a joke. The ones I regularly see are mainly from the Balkans.

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          10. What movie? Oklahoma? Paris is an old town and from the remains I can tell people had money in the good days. People who come to Texas and never see the great natural resources, beautiful drive towards Austin, driving back roads to Fredericksburg. It’s an old Germany town. Do something, do nothing. Drink a Toucher beer. There is a nice winery to stay at which is cool. The immigrants had money or made money, there are Sunday homes which are used now as intimate Bed & Breakfast.
            If people don’t get out, it might look like a dirty sandy state. Don’t go to far south, stay clear of the WALL holding Mexico back. It’s a joke. If we let Mexicans in to Texas and pay taxes we would be so far ahead. There’s no answer the current way. I’m not crazy political on WordPress. Keep it to myself. Like most I have my hot spots. I sure as hell don’t want the President’s job. We need a kick ass Texan or New Yorker to pick up the disaster when Donald leaves. Someone with solid military background, international intelligence, remember who they work for and have the balls to get it done. Pardon the rough southern talk coming out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          11. I am pretty political and your Donald Duck sucks like hell. I don’t think the U.S. has had such a bad President EVER. He’s a fascist, sb who understands the language of threats only, who doesn’t know how to prioritize and much much more.
            Enough of politics, I might start using bad language….., I mean real bad.

            As for the movie I mentioned, it’s –
            Paris, Texas (by Wim Wenders), starring amazing Harry Dean Stanton and wonderful Nastassja Kinski. You seen it?

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