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Mum C writes

None knows how seeds form

None knows how they’ll turn up

Only Onyankopong Otwereduampong knows

So let your tongue be with no meanness

Let your eyes marry your mind in learning

That disability is a different form of ability


Every womb loves its proceeds

None is special than the other

It transcends boundaries





A mother is a mother

A father is a father

So let your voice be with no malice

Teach your mind to know that disability is a different form of ability


In a world where big and wholesome trees

Are at the mercy of some winds

Ailing seeds need shades of protection

Shades of love

Shades of mentoring

For the fact is like a stomach

Every body owns one

So teach your ears to listen in correction

That disability is a different form of ability


Open your arms to the…

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    • I believe we are all free to make clear judgement regardless of what neighbors think. I admire anyone with a disadvantage or super challenge who is so powerful they drag themselves up and crawl forward. What a great witness to the human capacity. 🙂
      My KNEE is killing me. My drugs are not working as well so time to get off ass and work. 🙂

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