1. Everywhere really. Governing all the needs are difficult jobs and not all people will every be happy. I don’t understand why cleaning up Medicaid and other subsidies aren’t a priority. At the same time get rig of government waste, at the state level it’s not any better. Why are we rolling out one new project after another on top on broken ones. I know it’s a hot topic for you, can’t say that I am but this issue has pissed me off since High School.Some of my own relatives were milking the system like somebody owed them. There my little rant for day. Take care. Hugs.

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        1. My mother was to proud so we went without for a year until she married again. Now that is not very long compared to many. At 16 working in the grocery store I would see people come in and only pay for cigs, food stamps paid for rest. They drove away in new Cadillac. That has stayed with me. Then you think of the doctors committing fraud ti the system. That is one of my oldest hottest buttons. Have a great day. 🙂

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          1. Yeah. As I say. I would have died without it, I would not have survived to get well enough to go back to work and share my recovery as a therapist. And the people I helped may have improved without me, but a few might not have. There are no easy answers. But that’s life.

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