This Day In History October 10th


The drama starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Deandebuts, telling the tumultuous story of a Texas ranching family. It marks Dean’s third and final big-screen role, as he had died in a car accident a year earlier after completing work on the film.


A fuel cartridge has burst in one of the channels of England’s Windscale nuclear weapons facility and catches fire, sending iodine-131 radioactive contamination into the air. Eleven tons of uranium will be ablaze before the world’s first known nuclear accident is contained two days later.


Seven professors will teach 50 midshipmen in Annapolis, Maryland, as the Naval School, later known as the United States Naval Academy, begins its first term. Commodore Matthew Perry has helped plan the five-year curriculum, with the first and last year taught on land, and the middle three at sea.

Famous People Born Today

Brett Farve 1969

David Lee Roth 1954

Helen Hayes  1900

Ben Vereen  1956

Nora Roberts  1950




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