Vaping, CBD Oil, Gummies and Kraton


Last week I expanded my CBD options from oil to qummies and vaping (supplements and cream are in route). I purchased two packages of Kraton, still researching before I put in my body. National Geographic and Anthony Burdain with The Travel Channel went deep in the rainforest and others places only reached by boat. The locals ate leaves which took them higher than high. They offered crew a small amount of leaf to eat, as the effects hit the crew, the locals were laughing.

I have not tried Kraton yet, more research is needed before it goes in my body. The gummies are 2500mg and very sweet, the oil takes at least six months, so I’ll let you know on that. Vaping was very interesting, as a reformed smoker it was strange to puff in the CBD. From what I can see in my limited time is there are very CBD products to the expensive. My goal is to learn the differences and not waste money on nice packaging. I bought three vaps for $25 dollars, see in the photo, each is used for desired result.

I also bought one vap for $60, the expected outcome for pain. One difference was evident right away, the taste. The lower priced ones smelled terrible and left a horrible taste in your mouth. The $60 Wildflavor Vap taste great, left no smell in the house and even my husband agreed I could smoke it in the house.


  1. I’m in the UK and while there are CBD options, they tend to be a little more limited (though things are improving) and very expensive for weaker strengths. These goodies look fab, I’d certainly like to try all of them because I’m sure they work differently for everyone, from capsules to vapes and gummies.xx

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