Thoughts on job hunting: Getting back into the ​job market

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You’re ready to re-enter the job market after a ten-year hiatus, raising children, completing Ph.D. or traveling the world, you will need a resume. You may ask how to explain the time taken off work and how it applies to the current position.

Grab a notepad and think of all the skills it takes to do whatever you were doing. Multitasking, planning, coordinating multiple schedules, meet tight deadlines. You get the point, all of the daily demands require skills to accomplish the task.

Include the dates of the time off with a brief explanation and then beef up the time-space with the skills required to stay on track. Men are now taking paternity leave and it’s still new in the mainstream job market. This where you can talk about the culture of company, diversity, paternity leave, time off for children’s doctor’s appointments, whatever the case. Don’t make it sound like heaven on earth or they will question why are you leaving. I might give a brief explanation of why you chose to take paternity leave vs your wife but it’s not required or really their business. Chances are they will ask, you need to have a pat answer. You need to know in your gut what type of job fits with your lifestyle.

Where appropriate, dress for your next job, not the one you’re interviewing for. You want the employer to see you in the company’s future. Make sure shoes are shined, this one gets missed a lot. Do research on the company, read the annual report, do an Internet search for any scandals or layoffs you need to know about. Does their mission statement meet with yours.



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