Conversation 023 – Dealing with Toxic People

Guest Blogger Rajaini from
Thank you, for this great blog. It’s very helpful.

Spirituality is the only way to solace

This conversation is between me(Seeker 2) and my
friend(Seeker 1) on how do we deal with toxic people – the people who bring in
negative reactions, negative emotions and negative energy through their

Seeker 2: They say we keep learning lessons till the last
minute of our life and how true!

Seeker 1: True…Cent percent! It always puzzled me why only
good people suffer…

Seeker 2: If you think it is suffering then it is
suffering…it’s just the mindset…according to me it is evaluation of people
in circumstances for our self-improvement. It is only between I and I!

Seeker 1: What you are saying is correct in one way. Still
these days I am seeing this a lot. You do things that’s morally correct but still  hell a lot of trouble awaits you. But people
indulging in all sorts of incorrect/immoral activities are leading better lives
and suffer less!

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