Thoughts Job Hunting: Working Temporary

I started as a Recruiter in 1982 placing employees in light industrial jobs. My clients hired, warehouse workers, packing, anything in the warehouse that didn’t require heavy lifting or above a certain OSHA rating. It was a tough job, we had people not get their time card in on time and want to kick my ass, more than once. We had clients who discriminated, I wasn’t allowed to work those accounts, thank goodness. I worked with light industrial workers until my career developed. I moved to clerical then to information technology.

The reason I mention OSHA is the more dangerous the job the higher the number on the OSHA scale and the higher the Workers Compensation tax is. OSHA is a governing body where all job injuries are reported to with the proper forms and detailed information of incident. If you start a warehouse job unloading trucks and get moved to work on machinery there is a higher risk of getting hurt. The first thing to do is call you Recruiter and let them know of the change. First of all, if the client wants to move you there may be a monetary increase involved. Don’t approach the client, rule number one.

Let the temporary company get the details of the job move, find out if your interested and comes to the terms. There were many clients who would move people into more difficult jobs hoping to not get caught and pay a higher billing rate.

The most important point of working temporary whatever your skill set is you are now on the inside. Buckle down, do your job, ask for a project if you’re not staying busy and you have a much higher chance of being offered a permanent job when one is open. Many of my clients use temporary workers to get a look at their work ethic before hiring full-time. Don’t be arrogant and think temporary jobs are beneath you.

Every assignment is a new contact, new people to work with who know what’s going on. Don’t openly talk about getting hired, ask after you’ve been there for a month if the employer hires temporaries from time to time. Let them do the talking.

I fired more people for walking in the door acting like working temporary was beneath them and when could they expect to get hired. With that attitude you will not get hired.

Many company’s are cyclical, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring, Summer vacations, temporary work is going on year round and has several large blips during the year. Maybe you want to pick up a temporary job for a month to pay for Christmas, what a great way to make extra money without making a long term commitment.

One very important part of my job was to know the client, tour their facility, look at the jobs temporaries worked and write good job descriptions. If you feel your job description doesn’t fit, call your Recruiter.

In 2019 employment is the lowest in 50 years, what that means is employers have lots of choices, don’t have to get in a hurry and have the cream of the crop. These numbers may be intimidating but temporary employment goes on thru all economy’s.


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