💚 Mental Health Awareness Month 2020 💚

💚 Mental Health Awareness Month 2020 ðŸ’š

I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.  As tomorrow marks the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month our BC2M Family wants to extend strength, stamina and resilience to each of you.  As the world collectively struggles with instability, isolation, anxiety, and an uncertain future, I have been grateful for how everyone in our community has pulled together to weather this crisis. I want to share some positive news and hope that you will join us this May as we end stigma while we shelter in place together.We will come out of this time stronger for what we have learned about dealing with adversity, changed in our interpersonal relationships, and more appreciative of our ability to speak openly and honestly about how we are feeling.  Thank you for being a part of this movement of change – reach out to your loved ones, listen deeply, be kind to yourself, share your compassion and together we will save lives.In health and gratitude,
Pamela Harrington
#NoNormal Campaign

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