It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month!


Welcome to our latest edition of Lyme Bytes!

We’re grateful for this opportunity to connect with you.  And we’ve been hard at work in the Lyme community … providing patient support, advocacy, education and awareness to those who need it most.

Needless to say, this year has fast become a period of significant change, adjustment, concern and uncertainty.  Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.  We’re right here with you, experiencing the shifts and twists and turns.

We’re also here to remind you that Lyme Disease prevention is more important than ever.  With so much distraction, it’s easy to forget that ticks are out full-force and posing serious health threats to you and your loved ones.  We’re spending more time at home – which means more time in our yards and other outdoor places.  And unfortunately, ticks don’t social distance.  

To honor May being Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we at PA Lyme have launched an informative awareness campaign!  Our Board Members and Region Leaders are hopping in front of the cameras, introducing themselves and sharing our top prevention tips that are convenient, easy-to-implement and will help to keep you (and those you love!) safer.

Every day, we’re sharing videos, tips and how-to’s that enable you to enjoy the outdoors while knowing just what to do to keep a safe distance from ticks and the diseases they transmit.

You’ll find us sharing away on our social media pages – and right here in this newsletter.  

We encourage you to #Dare2BTickAware by implementing these highly effective tips into your daily routine.  

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find on our FacebookYouTube and Twitter pages!  (Click each photo to watch!)


It’s all about Permethrin.

Make time for tick checks.

To DEET or not to DEET?


Wash ticks away.


Education is key.


Turn up the heat.

Did You Know?

Many lawn services now offer tick management programs.

PA Lyme’s Virtual Lyme Impact Series

The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to shift and adjust.  We’ve been doing a lot of that ourselves, and one of our highest priorities has been ensuring that Lyme patients, caregivers and community members continue to receive our support.

Our in-person support group meetings are on hold until we’re once again safe to come together face-to-face.  In their place, we’ve launched our Virtual Lyme Impact Series – a highly informative virtual series where we bring you top experts who are discussing the most crucial things that you need to know. 

We are extremely grateful to have kicked things off with Dr. Chris Turnpaugh who covered the foundational principles to regain and retain health – an especially important and timely topic for anyone with a compromised immune system. 

This online session has already reached thousands, and we encourage you to catch the replay if you couldn’t make the live discussion.  

Watch this captivating conversation by clicking here.

Next up?

May 26th: Dr. Joseph Burrascano, pioneer in Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

June 9th: Rita Rhoads, CNP, MPH


Dare 2B Tick Aware Program Offering Virtual Options

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing mandates, the Dare 2B Tick Aware™ prevention program has transitioned from in person seminars to a virtual format.  Tick awareness and prevention are more critical now than ever.  Springtime weather coupled with social isolation has many taking advantage of being outdoors, such as family walks and kids playing in their backyards.  Also, the mild, wet winter has created the perfect environment for ticks to thrive.  Therefore, we continue our mission of tick borne disease education, support and advocacy. 

The fair market value for the Dare 2B Tick Aware™ in-person presentation is $200.  We have exhausted all grants and can no longer provide the program for free.  Therefore, fundraising and paying customers must support it.

In order to view our presentation, a donation and basic demographic information are required.  This allows us to fund and update the program and track demographic information on its reach.

For your donation you receive:

60-minute PowerPoint presentation with recorded narration covering:

  • Lyme Trends
  • Tick I.D.
  • Tick Habitat and Behavior
  • Prevention Information
    • Personal
    • Yard
    • Pet
  • Acting if bitten by a tick
    • Tick Removal
    • Tick Testing
  • Recognizing early symptoms
  • Seeking help if you get sick

There are two ways to see a Dare 2B Tick Aware™ Prevention Seminar:

  1. 60-minute PowerPoint Presentation with Recorded Narration.  This option allows you/your group to view the PowerPoint on your own schedule.  Click here to access.
  2. LIVE Webinar specifically for your organization/company.  If you are interested in a webinar for your group, please contact Amy Tiehel, Dare Program Manager, at to schedule. There is a fee associated with this, but this option includes a private LIVE webinar presented by a certified Dare facilitator, followed by a Q & A. These Live webinars are presented via Zoom. 

For any questions regarding the Dare program, email Amy Tiehel at

2 Steps to Better Prevention

Spray your skin with skin-safe repellent & your clothing with Permethrin.

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We Can’t Do This Without Your Help!

Your donations are VITAL to our community.

When you donate, you’re joining forces with so many others to truly make a difference for those who are facing the daily physical, emotional and financial struggles associated with Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

Here are some other reasons to donate:

  • Because PA continues to lead the nation in the number of new Lyme Disease cases for 7 years running.
  • Because everyone is at risk.
  • Because Lyme Disease is preventable, and people need to know the risks and how to protect themselves.
  • Because your participation and donation raises awareness AND generates the funding that enables us to keep doing what we’re doing to keep our communities safe. (Free prevention seminars, patient/caregiver support, advocacy and legislation efforts … just to name a few.)

Donate to the cause to help us to continue our awareness, education, support and prevention efforts!

We can’t do it without your support!Make A Donation!

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  1. In South America, only in Peru (6 cases) and Brazil (22 cases) was this disease detected and they were perfectly controlled. I also think that it is valuable information provided by your blog article. It is necessary to know in depth everything related to Lyme disease because it can serve as a guide to prevent or in any case, be prepared in case it occurs.
    It was very interesting and instructive to read your article.

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