Friday Quote

Happy Friday! I am so glad you stopped by today. Please social distance, wear a mask, and take good care of yourself, we are depending on the actions of each other. Have a great weekend!

Re-energize, Re-generate and Seek Wellness


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  1. I think it looks fab. I go via your site in the browser anyway, I don’t comment through the WP, never do. The logo looks fresh, streamlined and contemporary, with quite a professional touch. The homepage grid layout is brilliant as you can see more content quickly and retains a bit of a magazine feel (which I quite like with blogs). I’ve been drafting ideas for a new logo but I want more of a rebranded to open it out from chronic/invisible illness a bit more, and I’m finding it a bit difficult. I need to move my bum and get on it. You’ve done really well giving your blog a refresh! xx

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    1. I’m not very tech-savvy so luckily WP had a theme I could work with that had decent colors. The logo I did thru a company connected with WP. Looka Logo Maker, it was very easy, you have so many options, and as simple as mine is it still took about two hours to decide on. It was only $65 dollars and that’s to retain all the rights and download package. It looks like I can also make changes without additional charges. I don’t know if it will get you what you’re looking for but it’s worth a look. They also have a package for not much more that will design your wedsite too. Have a great day. Thanks for the feedback.

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  2. Ooo I like it. Simple yet surprisingly deep. Acceptance is a tricky one, and yet I get the feeling that with greater acceptance comes greater calm and peace of mind. I’m just not there yet.

    Happy Friday lovely – I hope you have a restful weekend ahead.xx

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