Does This Look Familiar To You?

I’m working on a post about hair loss after this shocking discovery from washing my hair yesterday. I now have medium length hair and it was brushed before my shower, this amount of hair loss doesn’t make sense. I’ve known about my hair loss for some time but yesterday’s discovery was a slap in the face. 

I’m working on a post about what in the world is going on with my hair loss and with hair loss in general. I know many of you can relate and I want your feedback. Leave me your thoughts and feedback about your own hair loss story.

I want to learn from this and be able to share my journey with you. So get ready to share your story.

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  1. Unfortunately, yes! I have been loosing noticeable amounts of hair daily for well over six months now. I really notice in my temple area. I will welcome any and all info you’re able to share! Here’s to us not going bald!!! 🦋🌸

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    1. Terri, one thing I’ve learned is mine is age, post-menopause, genetics, and several medications I take. I’m 57 which seems early to me but my brother started lossing his hair when he was young, in his twenties. I have gathered some good info and plan to share this week. 🙂 Your the second person who mentioned the temple area, mine seems to be in the back of the head.

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    1. I’m working on research now and hope to have a few answers next week. Let me ask a few questions. Does you wife still have very long hair? Is her hair thick naturally or always thin? How old is your wife? Did the hair loss start at a certain age, after starting a new medication, environmental change or did her mother have the same problem at this age? I’m sure some of your answers will help with finding the answers.

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  2. Yes, it looks familiar. I had a lot of sudden hair loss after my last pregnancy. I was 37, so it was late in life and I had just stopped breastfeeding so maybe I was 38 when this amount of hair started coming out in the shower. It freaked me out. Then it gradually leveled off until menopause. So for me, I guess it’s hormonal. With so much hair coming out when I wash it, I’m surprised there’s any left. But the only place it looks noticeably thin is at the temples.

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    1. I think we’re the same age, I’m 57 and mine started when I was very ill but improved until the last six months. I’ve never had a shock like this one! I pick up a lot off the floor but didn’t realize what the total amount was. I’m post menopause, take many medications which can also cause but can’t think of any started just six months ago. I think some of my Pysch meds cause hair loss long term. I know there are many reasons.

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