I’m Excited About My Newest Partnership With Babo Botanicals

I’m excited to tell you about my newest partnership, BABO Botanicals. I’m very proud to work with Babo Botanicals because they offer clean beauty for the whole family and work on a sustainable model to help the environment for tomorrow’s families. 

Many of you have already checked out their site and I would love to hear what products you bought and any feedback.

Check out their complete line on products for the whole family including an extensive line for sensitive skin and babies. I only work with companies committed to provided quality products.

Babo Botanicals

Kate’s Story

Formulating Babo Products!

Although I originally created the products with babies and children in mind, the products perform so well that Babo is quickly becoming a family brand, providing products that babies, children, teenagers, and adults all love. The brand has grown, but at its heart, it will always be a small, family company.

Babo Botanicals is a perfect marriage of my professional expertise and my passion for sustainable agriculture. I feel so fortunate to get work every day with products I love and believe in, and it’s my greatest joy to share it with other families. My mission is to provide the highest quality, purest family hair and skincare products, and Babo is entering its 8th year of fulfilling that mission.

Free Shipping on All Orders $39.95+!

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    1. They are a great company. The selection is paired down and a large selection for children. I really like their wipes. I use them to shower with on the days I don’t take a shower! They have several scents, I like lavender. I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to read and make some comments. I left you a message on Twitter, hope you received. Take care of yourself. πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m looking forward to people trying and giving me feedback on their products. I’ve been happy with the products I’ve purchased so, only around four or five, the quality is high. It’s so funny because I used their brand before and forgot until I received my products and recognized the packaging. It’s not so much for men I’m finding but the rest of the family has a great selection. Have a great day.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic partnership, Mel! I think that clean products are going to be increasingly sought after in the future, just as ethical production & eco friendly products and services all become more important for consumers. I’ll look forward to hearing more on your thoughts on the different products in the range! xx

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    1. The range is very extensive towards babies, that’s where she started. I love that’s t’s a woman-owned business, she has big beauty experience and now built this company. The products are truly mostly geared towards women unless a man a very sensitive skin and will admit it!!!! The range of sun care is impressive. I don’t know about the UK honestly, I don’t think they ship internationally. Soon I will find a partner for you and my other International readers which are many. I sometimes think I have more International readers than America, I do have a product this weekend that’s a Uk product that Victoria Beckam uses that’s affordable I use every day. Do I sound like a snob in My Thing’s I’m Loving post? That is the last thing from y mind and it crossed my mind this week that maybe people feel that way. I thought about not doing anymore but know how much I like learning about new products. I can’t always afford what I hear about but sometimes I can splurge if have the money. I don’t want to sound like a snob!!!!! I know you’ll be honest with me!? πŸ™‚

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      1. Not a snob at all, Mel! Honestly, don’t worry about how you come across because I think the content and the way you present it is spot on. I love discovering new products. I don’t have the budget to always get things I want and I always go for cheapy products or discounts where I can, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look, recommend them to others, or treat myself from time to time. It’s not snobby to recommend or share the things you like, and I know I’m not alone in loving reading about different products out there. xx

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        1. I normally don’t care about what I write, actually haven’t in the past but this is so personal and it talks about products I know many can’t afford. I’m like you, I want to hear, can’t always afford or can only use for a treat but that’s the point, some of these items are a treat. I don’t know why I’m so concerned, it’s never bothered me before. Maybe it’s because I’m part of a group now, I don’t know why that changes things but I feel more responsibility. I need to get over it!!!!!! Thanks for the feedback. On another subject, I’ve been working on a post for a job I applied for with Get Blogged, I think 750 words is out of the question for me right now. I’ve been trying to fatten is up and still have to rethink how to discuss the technical aspects for SVG files. Talking about SVG files takes up a lot of content so I need to use it, it’s just putting into my words. I haven’t been approved but wanted to make sure I could do the job if chosen. I think 500 is better for me for now. I’ll get there! I need to pay for my new laptop!!!! Coming Friday!!!!! YEAH! Take care.

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