Review of Redeem Therapeutics Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Products

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I’ve been using the Redeem Therapeutics Spray 750mg Hemp Extract in the mint flavor for close to a year now. There are other strengths available. I love the flavor and consistency of the spray. I’ve tried oils and dislike the residue left behind. The Redeem spray does not leave an oily residue and has a light mint flavor. The original flavor is also available.

I believe in their products so much I give the oil to my pets and they think it’s a special treat. I was concerned at first if they would like the flavor but the mix Redeem uses works great.

While alive George Harrison was on their Board of Directors, he was a close friend of the Redeem Therapeutics Team. If the Redeem Therapeutics products were good enough for George they are good enough for me and my pets. 

I hope you will check out their website to see the selection of full-spectrum high quality tested CBD products Redeem Therapeutics has to offer.


In 2013, George Harrison, a close friend of the Redeem Team, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and gave us a call to discuss his thoughts on natural courses of treatment. Backed by his own diligent research, George was adamant about his choice to rely on natural remedies. Given our collective background in pharmaceuticals, his decision seemed unrealistic to us at the time. We were skeptical at best. Our research began in hopes of finding information to steer him in another direction; but ironically, we found exactly the opposite.

Our team uncovered numerous studies on cannabis-based cancer treatments that statistically showed the same or better survival results than traditional post-surgery chemotherapy.

Study after study showed that although using cannabis as a form of treatment might sound like quackery in the U.S., much of the world recognizes cannabis-based treatments as equally effective or more effective than traditional chemotherapy regimens. In fact, many countries require insurance to cover cannabis treatments for chronic pain and targeted destruction of cancer cells, just as they would other approved chemotherapies.

Our research led us on a journey of discovery. On this journey, we came to recognize one of cannabis’s most intriguing compounds, cannabidiol (CBD), and the potential benefits it carries for several conditions. Many peer-reviewed scientific papers evidenced the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Due to the federal government’s classification of CBD as a schedule 1 substance, most research had been carried out overseas in places like Israel and Europe. Early studies on animals were promising, leading to effective human clinical results for the treatment of epilepsy and pain, both with and without THC.

The CBD market was flooded with substandard products.

Much of the initial concern regarding low-quality products seemed to be over the lack of CBD potency. The FDA randomly tested CBD tinctures and found that the majority were grossly under the stated concentration of CBD. In fact, some contain no CBD at all. Others confused Hemp Seed Oil, which does not contain CBD, with true hemp extract from the hemp flower, which is the only source of CBD. While the lack of potency concerned us, we were fearful of the potential for serious harm caused by contamination with pesticides, residual extraction solvents, and fungus derived toxins (aflatoxins)–not to mention our concerns about the general lack of documentation, processing controls, and adequate testing (cGMP). Put simply, we were truly alarmed. We found our calling! And, Redeem was formed.


Combining more than 60 years of scientific experience and the power of natural remedies, we create an extremely effective and trustworthy line of products to improve health and wellbeing. Redeem bridges the gap between natural alternatives and pharmaceutical precision. Redeem Therapeutics manufactures CBD using organically certified hemp and highly controlled processes to guarantee a safe, effective product made with transparency, consistency, and balance every single time!

Please check our Redeem Therapeutics carefully curated selection of CBD products for you and your pets. In response to COVID 19, they are also offering Hand Sanitizer. 

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      1. I’ve been over to their site and I love that they’ve used their scientific backgrounds, rather than someone who just grows the stuff and tries to sell it to you, telling you it works on all sorts.

        They’ve got great reviews too but they only sell wholesale from their site so I’ll have to look elsewhere to see if I can get it 🙂

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          1. I hope you had better luck the second time. If not let me know and I’ll double-check the link you are clicking on. Do you know which exact link you are clicking on? I may have typed one in wrong. Thanks.


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