Things I’m Loving *Chronic Illness List #2

This post may contain affiliate links that don’t cost you more money when used and help to fund my coffee habit. 

Rise Protein Bars


I’ve been eating Rise bars for years, my favorite flavors are Chocolate and Banana, Almond Honey, and Snickerdoodle. I eat one for breakfast every day except for weekends when I splurge a bit. They are a great meal replacement, taste great, and are less than 400 calories. Rise Bars are also great for traveling, they don’t melt and hold up to several days of travel. There are several other flavors and varieties available.  

Sugarbearhair Women’s Multi-Vitamin 

I take so many pills that taking a gummy vitamin is a must to stick with a program. I believe what we eat is digested better than what breaks down in a tablet form. I love the way they taste, not too sugary and you only take two a day. I’ve taken for over a year now and feel great, they include a complete complement of vitamins and supplements. 

Thrive Tape

I’m new to Thrive tape so I can’t go into great detail about my experiences but I know several other chronic illness bloggers use the tape with success. I injured my shoulder and the pain was keeping me up at night and not responding to pain pills. I have been using the tape on the shoulder close the joint and I have been able to sleep. The pain isn’t gone but at least I can sleep. Take the tape off when you get up in the morning or after about eight hours or it may irritate your skin. Thrive Tape is endorsed by the U.S. Pain Foundation. 

Biotene Dry Mouth Spray in Gentle Mint

I can’t live without this spray and keep it close to for easy use. My mouth is constantly dry from all the medications I take. The spray is moisturizing and tastes great. I also use it instead of mints, it’s refreshing without being overpowering and won’t crack your teeth. It’s a nice refresher between brushing and a bottle last a long time. 

Aromalief Lavender Hemp Pain Cream  

Aromalief - Vegan Pain Relief with Aromatherapy


I’ve been using Aromalief Lavender Hemp Pain Cream since earlier this year when I had the opportunity to review for Chronic Illness Bloggers. You can find my review below. I just ordered my fifth tube and am considering their monthly subscription offer. I use Aromalief all-day long on my hands for arthritis and at night I go crazy rubbing it everywhere I have a pain or neuropathy. I massage gently to create a slight warming sensation. The smell is not overpowering and I’ve become quite addicted to the smell, bedtime would not be the same with the smell of Aromalief Lavender Hemp Pain Cream. 

Here’s my Review on Aromalief 

Home Chef

We’ve been getting Home Chef for around a year now and it makes a huge time saver. Not to mention the ability to consistently get food delivered during the COVID lockdown with understocked shelves, and long lines. We’re also eating healthier. I no longer throw food out and can pick from a large selection of meals each week. I have recently been upgrading to higher quality meat and that has improved the taste even more. The meals are well planned and only occasionally do I not like the meal. I make sure to leave reviews on each meal to encourage others to do the same. I have always been satisfied with their cook on the stove meals. I buy three meals a week and the time and effort saved is well worth any extra cost. You can cancel at any time. 

If you would like to try, Home Chef is offering $35.00 off by using Referral code melindas23.

Thank you for all the great feedback on my post last week, Things I’m Loving *Chronic Illness List #1. I’ve enjoyed all of your comments and sharing my experiences with you. 

In Health, 


This post may contain affiliate links that don’t cost you more money when used and help to fund my coffee habit. 


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