October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In a couple of days, we will come together once again to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month. However, this year is different and, in some ways, more critical than ever. 

Domestic violence was an epidemic before COVID-19, with nearly one in four women and one in seven men reporting that they experience violence from their spouse or partner in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, the virus has dramatically exacerbated the problem. While home was supposed to be a safe place to go in the lockdown, it was even more dangerous for victims of domestic violence to be isolated and alone with their abusers. Reports of abuse have skyrocketed in the U.S. and around the world.

Even as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the abuse will not simply end. That’s why we need your support more than ever this October. We can only end the epidemic of domestic abuse when we talk openly about it; remove the shame, blame and stigma; support survivors; hold abusers accountable; and engage everyone—women AND men—to help end the violence once and for all. 

Today we’re asking you to consider using your voice and your platforms during Domestic Violence Awareness Month to do just that—be part of the solution. Please take the NO MORE pledge, print out your NO MORE signs, talk to your kids about healthy relationships, engage your workplaces, and help raise critical funds to support our efforts to change the culture and stop the violence before it starts. 

Now is the right time to plan a Domestic Violence Awareness Month Facebook fundraiser for NO MORE. Set your own goal and share it with friends and family to achieve it. Tag us in your fundraising posts so we can send our thanks and give you a shout out. Check out our Ways To Give page for more ideas on how you can champion NO MORE’s efforts this coming month and beyond. 

Thank you in advance! Your contribution will go a long way not only to support survivors but also to prevent violence from starting in the first place.
 Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more of our efforts and ways you can get involved throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 


  1. I’m glad you mentioned women and men. This society is ignorant about the prevalence of abuse inflicted by women. Even myself, who prides himself on being brutally honest, barely has broached the subject of my 3 years of hell with a terribly abusive raging alcoholic. I’m not sure I would know how to even frame the conversation. Imagine, a 6′ tall, 250lb man talking about how he was abused.

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