15 Soul Searching Questions

Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic by Stampington


Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com


What is currently sparkling in your life?


What things do you find beautiful that others may not?


What is a treat that instantly takes you back to childhood?


What is currently filling up your heart?


Who are the people you feel good to be around?


What are your favorite sounds in the world?


How much time do you lose worrying about things that are beyond your control?


When was the last time you truly laughed out loud?


What does living life to the fullest look like for you?


What are three good things you have today that you didn’t have a year ago?


What areas of your life can use a little watering?


What is one quirky trait you absolutely love about yourself?


Have you realized yet that there’s enough good to good around?


What if you started thinking about all the things that could go right instead of all that can go wrong?


In Health,




  1. Wonderful questions! I think I need to take some time with them. One thing I’ve recently discovered about a favorite sound is the purring of the semi feral cat I brought home a few days ago.


      1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’m having trouble replying from my drop down to your post, but was able to reply to others from the dropdown. Maybe it’s just a fluke.


      1. I will keep reminding myself to practice mindfulness each day and I should keep your post stuck on my wall lol 🙂 I am getting better at self-care; having a manicure and pedicure, just had a shower, body scrub, and managed to hydrate my skin afterwards. I really will improve in this area.


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