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I’ve been using the Redeem Therapeutics Full-Spectrum Spray 750mg Hemp Extract in the mint flavor for close to a year and wanted to share a review. I love the flavor and consistency of the spray. I’ve tried many oils and dislike the residue left behind. The Redeem spray does not leave an oily residue and has a light mint flavor. My next purchase will be the 1500mg Hemp Extract Spray to take the beneficial properties up a notch. 

I continue to use Redeem Therapeutics because it helps me relax and relieves stress. I start to take my three doses in the afternoon which helps me relax and shake the day off.  

This post may contain an affiliate link where I make a commission that doesn’t cost you extra to use and it helps supply my coffee habit. The views expressed are my own. 

I love their products so much and feel 100% positive you will too, I became an affiliate. This helps me make a little money to cover the cost of buying products so I can continue to review them for you. 

I believe in their products so much I give the oil to my pets and they think it’s a special treat. I was concerned at first if they would like the flavor but the mix Redeem uses works great. The key reason I gave to my pets was to calm them down. One of our dogs had been on medication for being too aggressive. After taking her off the medication I tried her on Redeem Therapeutics for Dogs. 

While alive George Harrison was on their Board of Directors, he was a close friend of the Redeem Therapeutics Team. If the Redeem Therapeutics products were good enough for George they are good enough for me and my pets. 

I hope you will check out their website to see the selection of full-spectrum high quality tested Hemp/CBD products Redeem Therapeutics has to offer. Redeem has been generous enough to offer my followers a 15% discount with code LFTL15.

Why I LOVE Redeem Therapeutics

Redeem™ is focused on providing natural alternatives with pharmaceutical precision.  The Redeem™ Team has the scientific discipline of more than 60 years in the pharmaceutical industry. They adhere to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), utilizing audits, process validation, and cleanliness controls to produce a clean and precise product every time. All of their products have been tested by a 3rd party and it’s easy to find the test results on any product that you purchase.

Redeem™ CBD products are made in the Carolinas. Their CBD products are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. 


Redeem offers full-spectrum CBD products, but they go above & beyond that to call their extraction process Optimal Spectrum™. Optimal Spectrum™ is Redeem’s honest, brilliant solution to the muddied waters of the saturated CBD industry. While Full Spectrum extraction includes all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant, it can be inconsistent depending on the variations present in each hemp plant. Optimal Spectrum™ is the process of adding cannabinoid and terpene contents back to the solution when necessary, for a consistent product every time. This process ensures that you get the same CBD product each time.

Please check Redeem Therapeutics carefully curated selection of Hemp/CBD products in multiple strengths for you and your pets. In response to COVID 19, they are also offering Hand Sanitizer. 

Redeem Therapeutics has been generous enough to allow me to offer all followers a 15% discount with the code LFTL15.

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