Things I’m Loving *Self Care Made Easy 2

I believe self-care is something we can do every day, it doesn’t have to be big steps but simple small steps that add joy throughout the day. Here are a few of the small steps I take during the week. 

There may be affiliate links in this post for which I make a small commission. They do not cost you extra to use and help to supply my coffee habit.


Plants are a great way to take your mind off the stressors of the day and if you buy the right type and don’t have too many it’s easy to keep up with them. I don’t have a green thumb and only have seven plants. I like taking a break to check to see which ones need water and looking for new sprouts. There are plants for every level of light including a large selection of low light plants. 


I could not survive without being able to take a nap. It’s not an everyday treat, although at one time it was necessary. If my day is not going well and the opportunity presents itself, I grab a quick nap. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour. I’ve learned to ask my husband for help so I can break away. It took me a long time to get there but now I don’t hesitate to say I need to get a nap.  

Willow & Sage by Stampington


Willow & Sage is a quarterly magazine that is more like a book. I’ve been saving mine for years, they are great to read again. The magazine is all things hand-made bath and body oftentimes with items you have at home or are easily available to buy or order. You’ve seen my post on homemade Pink Peony Sugar Scrub and others from their recipes.  


Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Iced Coffee Capability, Brushed Slate

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee or glass of tea made with a Keurig. It’s a single-serve pod system so everyone can drink what they like and there is no carafe to clean. This is a newer model than ours, we’ve had ours for almost five years now and have not had one problem. We use spring water in it instead of tap and that way you don’t get the build-up you do which causes your machine to clog up. The cleaning process is simple, when there are too many grounds built up it will tell you when to do maintenance and it takes about a minute to complete. I can’t say enough about this machine! 

Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Translucent 0.15 oz

Nothing works as well as Fresh Lip Therapy! My lips are dry year-round, I use this lip treatment instead of regular chapstick. What a difference it makes. It’s more expensive but one tube lasts a long time and it’s my self-care splurge. It’s something I can do several times a day for myself to make me feel better.  

Aromalief Energizing Orange Ginger Pain Cream

I’m a huge fan of Aromalief’s Lavender Pain Cream and now am using the Energizing Orange Ginger scent for during the day. The smell is great, a light orange ginger menthol. The menthol is barely noticeable. It has 1000 MG of Hemp with no THC, is PETA certified, vegan, and is a women-owned business. Heres’ my review of Aromalief’s Lavender Pain Cream. 

We can do so much for our self-care that isn’t time-consuming and will brighten our mood. What are some of your self-care tips? 

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