Shelter In Place? I’m Used To Staying At Home

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Being stuck at home is new to many people. But I started sheltering in place in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I spent three years on IV therapy, seven days a week, and walked only to the bathroom and back. The years after IV therapy was just as rough.

I required assistance with everything. The pain unbearable–going to the bathroom, taking a shower, walking down the stairs were so difficult. Mentally I struggled, too, trying to remember to make appointments and phone calls I needed to. I couldn’t even handle putting my medicine in the case each week without mistakes. I felt so much guilt.  I thought my husband would leave me as soon as he could, or maybe he would have an affair. Why couldn’t I keep up with showering and fixing my hair? When was the last time I wore makeup? 

But I have learned to overcome my guilt by dealing with facts, not fears, and knowing I can handle whatever reality throws my way.

In addition to Lyme disease, I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, cognitive dysfunction (which includes lack of balance), and dementia. Dementia is the real kicker. There are a host of other ailments I suffer from, and I’m sure I will have more as the years pass. I was told early on that Lyme would cause problems that seem unrelated for years to come because there is no cure and my immune system remains compromised. This past month I found that to be true again when.

I was diagnosed with a new immune disorder, hypogammaglobulinemia. Hypogammaglobulinemia is a problem with the immune system that prevents it from making enough antibodies called immunoglobulins. Antibodies are proteins that help your body recognize and fight off foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Without enough antibodies, you’re more likely to get infections. People with hypogammaglobulinemia can more easily catch pneumonia, meningitis, and other infections that a healthy immune system.

This makes the COVID-19 pandemic especially scary for me. I get stressed out when I watch more than an hour of news a day, or see people not wearing masks.

In general, though, I’m very used to having to stay at home. I quit driving years ago and have only driven a handful of times in recent years. It’s not that I couldn’t drive, but my husband came along to take notes at appointments since my memory is not what it used to be. Don’t get me wrong. I miss the independence of driving without my husband having to take off work. I also miss being able to see my hairstylist, getting a manicure, and finding great spots for taking photos.

I have to get out of the house for my mental health, at least a little bit, regardless of my immune deficiencies. We still go for a Starbucks run as often as possible. We have a whole sanitation process down, including wiping down his mask, credit card, steering wheel, and both of the top of our cup to the bottom. We take all precautions when he brings groceries in and packages, we wash our hands immediately and wash again after putting everything away. He doesn’t want me to get sick, and I know he does everything possible every time he leaves the house.

I’m ready for this to pass and it will pass, but for now, I’m staying calm and entertained indoors as best as I can. I hope you can do the same.

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      1. Obviously, good to hear that you don’t have a brain tumour. But oh my word, I’m so sorry to hear about the breast lumps, and I really don’t know how you cope with it all. My step- daughter is having chemo for a 5 cm lump and she’s having a terrible time. I feel for you my lovely, I have you have a good support system and I’m here if you ever need to chat. Keep on taking care of yourself and I wish you all the very best. Sending loads more hugs. xxx

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  1. Wow, I hadn’t known about you having Lyme’s Melinda. I was tested for that when I got Transverse Myelitis because the symptoms are so similar. I’ve just written a post too about strained relationships lol. I understand some of what you go through xx

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    1. I knew you would. I thought about you this morning, how are you doing? You’ve been writing some great posts. Are you pushing yourself too hard? I know you do a lot of research for your post, don’t think you have to do X number of posts a week, give yourself plenty of self-care time especially now more than ever with all the COVID stress. I know there is much going on with your government at the time too. It’s a crazy time for all of us and some are just so frustrated that they can’t see the greater good. I’m now having more health complications, that seems to be an ongoing thing. I’m having some complications from my brain surgery in 1997 and some lumps were found in my breast. I’m going Tuesday for a new brest exam and a CT scan in the afternoon. Tuesday is a big day for me. Keep me in your prayers. Hugs.

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      1. Hiya and thank you for asking. I’m okay and nope, I’v enot done much of anything this past week. No researching or writing. Just reading cos I can do that lying down lol. Yes, this Covid is taking its toll in ways I never thought possible. I don’t tend to get out much anyway so I didn’t think it would affect me but I suppose its changed everyone life and mood around me so perhaps that’s having a knock-on effect?
        So sorry to hear you’ve got more complications and about the lumps. I know you have your appointment later today and I so hope it all goes well for you my lovely. Please let me know how you get on and in the meantime, prayers and big hugs xxx

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        1. I realized the other day that perhaps it’s affected my husband more than I thought. But it’s helped that he has gone out to hit golf balls the past several Sundays. He seems more refreshed. It must be hard working from home and not being able to see the people who work for you and conduct everything over the phone. In the background you have your wife talking, the blender going, the dogs barking, the ice makers going, it’s non-stop. And we only have two four-legged kids. I would hate to think of having real kids during this time. I’m wearing a nice shirt today so I feel good about myself, not the usual tee shirt. I’m pretty laid back but today I’m wearing a starched shirt and nice jeans. I’ve got my game face on and will deal with whatever God throws my way. I’ve already done some research and know where I want to go for any treatment if it’s needed. Gotta be prepared. Hugs.

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