10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Stressed-Out Friend

This year has been turbulent, to say the least. The risk of illness, mass job losses, it’s enough to make the calmest of people feel stressed and anxious inside. 

Everyone has undoubtedly experienced struggles this year, your friends included. And so, if you’re wondering what thoughtful gifts to buy this year to cheer up your closest, the solution lies in getting them something that will help bring on relaxation. And below, we’ve got just the ticket, in the form of 10 gift ideas to consider giving this year.

Photo by Kim Stiver from Pexels – CC0 Licence


Pajamas are the ultimate pieces of clothing associated with relaxation and sleep. Gift your friend some super-soft pajamas to snuggle into this Christmas, and you’re sure to increase their comfort and make them feel more relaxed in an instant.

Vape Pen

Vape pens such as bloom farms rose gold highlighter is a sleek and handy gift for your friends who like to vape. Don’t forget to add CBD solutions to the present, too (CBD calms nerves and anxiety).

Weighted Blanket

Find a snuggly blanket for your friend, preferably one that feels heavy. Heavy blankets help to reduce anxiety in sufferers because they emulate the feeling of a big warm hug.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil that can help your best friend unwind. Lavender is a natural sleep aid, which can tempt over-thinkers and anxious friends to sleep with ease. 

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate will never go down a miss with anyone. The delicious edible is also proven to positively impact a person’s wellbeing, improving their mood and immunity. 

Therapy Putty

Therapy putty is the perfect gift for your friend who needs stress relief on the go. Squishing therapy putty between your fingers is great for reducing stress levels and can help your friend feel more at ease.


Stress and anxiety strike at any moment. Often at inconvenient times when there’s no one around to talk to, to help rationalize and organize their thoughts. As a remedy, gift a journal to your overthinking friend so that they can write down what they feel when you’re not around to listen. 


A few indoor plants are well- known for reducing stress. Greenery, in general, is excellent for your wellbeing. Snake and basil plants have calming properties that put their owners at ease. If your friend has office space at home, suggest they pop it on their desk to help them manage their stress throughout the day.

Bath Bomb

A scented bath bomb will encourage your friend to use your gift by taking a hot bath, which is all part of your ploy to help them to relieve stress. 


A soothing aroma can make a world of difference to how we feel. And having flickering candles around the room is relaxing to see. From tea lights to a large Yankee candle, there’s a lot of candles out there that would make an ideal relaxing gift for your friend.

Suppose your friend is going through a rough patch or seems particularly down or stressed as of late. You don’t need to wait until Christmas to send them one of the thoughtful gifts above. Most of the ideas above you can order online and get sent directly to your friend. It’s just a case of sourcing and picking your favorite and shipping it over.

This is a collaborative post.

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