My Heart Bleeds For America

I’m devastated by the scenes played out on television yesterday by thugs claiming to be patriots to America. People have the right to demonstrate peacefully for their beliefs, to have their voices heard but PEACEFULLY is an absolute must here. We are not that type of country, we will not be run my terrorist. When you cross over the line to violence you are a thug, and in this case a domestic terrorist. I believe everyone of the thugs who claim to have America’s best interest at heart need to go to jail for crimes against our country. Let’s see how committed they are when held accountable for their actions. Blood is one their hands.ย 

I’m concerned about what other countries think about America, many of their voices heard over Twitter last night and I fear for our future relationships with our neighbors.

To anyone who is forming an impression of America based on the antics and behavior of this election, I ask you to please not judge America by our soon to be past President and a few misguided thugs.

As a longstanding Republican I write this with a heavy heart.





  1. It means a great deal to me (as a longstanding democrat) that you write this as a longstanding Republican. Knowing that you do not condone the violence and that you oppose it so strongly, is a huge relief. I believe it is crucial that we realize that all republicans are not the same and all democrats are not the same. Finding common ground is one of the things that can save us. We have much work to do. Thank you, Melinda.

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    1. I think ALL Americans should be appalled by the acts of our current President. Trump has done damage and divide in our country, Biden has a big job on t\his hands. I’m glad he knows how big the problem is and now I pray he hires with right people around him to lay positive groundwork moving forward, Our government has to get back to basics, representing the people who vote for them. I know it’s more complicated than in past years but our leaders need to be just that LEADERS.Examples in the community and someone who works for the people not their own agenda and personal gain. We have a very long road to go, we will be working on the damage done by Trump for years to come and it should be a god example of why and how he got in to the position in the first place. Money, money talks, He bought his election and we paid for his circus. Our government system needs to look at how we vet people for the job and put some hard core black and white experience down on paper. As you can tell, this has cut me to the sure and still very unsetting to me days late. It’s naive but we have to get down to working together in a give in take fashion that represents all Americans. We also have to be educated as a voter on how our elected leaders voted for us, does that reprint what we want, if not check off a new box next election. I personally think their should be term limits on the house and the senate members and the senior members should mentor the junior members for the next generation of leaders. We don’t need an 80 year old who has done the same job without being held accountable to the people. I’m going off the tracks here but I think that some hard core changes are needed around the entire governing system and it starts with the house and senate, then a overhaul of the expectations of the office of the President. In a perfect world it’s not she’s a Republican or Democrat, IT”S she’s an American and has these exceptions from the gonvernment based on a roadmap set up by our foundering fathers. Not writing the rues as each goes along.

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      1. I agree, M. And I’m glad you care so much. Many of these things are bipartisan issues, like needing to “look at how we vet people for the job” of president. At the very least, a candidate needs to have a few years of experience in government.

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        1. He will surely be known as the worst President in history! We will come out of this together, it won’t be easy to we’ll bounce back because we don’t allow someone to stomp on our country. He did many bad things whirl in office but this pushed everything over the line. He ccreated this problem and took great pride in making it happen. I am counting the days until he is out of there and we can start to build our country back. All these terrorist need to go to jail and let’s see if their so happy after their life is ruined.

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  2. I can’t even comment on all this coherently yet…. Like you, I am absolutely devastated that this could happen in our country and that people who are engaging in terrorism have the nerve to call themselves patriots. I am just heartbroken that this is what our country has become. We can, and must, do better.

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    1. I hope everyone learns from this and draw a line! there is a difference in freedom of speech and violence. Violene will not be tolerated and punished to the fullest. If we all our country to go down this destructive path, we will be no different than Venezualia and other dictator who don’t like the answered that are delivered. That is not how we are and I am deeply hurt that this was allowed to happen and to make it worse it was incited by the President of any country! I had to take two Xanax last night just to sleep. I consider myself a hard core Amrican and this really rattled me.

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  3. I agree. My heart aches with the thought of how this looks to other people around the world. Yes, I know that the US has been losing respect for years, but now we are just fools in Hell’s Kitchen. I have always had a hearty respect for American Democracy, but this fall from grace needs to be owned by all. We became self-righteous, entitled, and complacent. We have reaped what we sowed.

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  4. I planning on writing a post about my recent experience with a FMD specialist (such a positive thing), and now, I don’t know that I can. This feels so heavy. I appreciate your your posting this. Your blog’s title “Looking for the Light” has got to be my focus today. Gotta hold on to hope and focusing on the light. I have to believe that true democracy will win over this bullying anarchists and their self-absorbed, crazy leader.

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    1. We have to move forward. I’m behind on a few post and haven’t been able to for two reason, one of which is what is happening with the election. Yesterday things came to an head but we now have to move forward and write since that’s what we do. It’s all as important. What we can learn from your appointment could make the difference to someone.

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