I Got My First COVID Vaccine Today

I wish you could see the happy dance I’m doing right now after receiving my first COVID vaccine today. I’m so impressed with the University of Texas Southwestern for the professionalism and getting me out at rapid speed, under thirty.

I packed a tote think I would have to wait for at least 30 iTunes, I didn’t sit still until in the observation room, and then for only 15 minutes. 

I know you are counting the days until you get your vaccine and soon we’ll all have a chance.


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  1. Something to consider: From a friend, we did a little research, and discovered, as we understand, the vaccine creation utilizes abortion tissue. Other vaccines we have researched, discovering, as we understand, the utilization. In the times we live, we aren’t told the full background of much that goes on. For instance, we don’t shop with companies that support abortions or removing our constitutional freedoms. Easy to look up if one researches. Might have to use different search engines.


  2. Doing a little research, we learned this vaccine does not work in the traditional sense: using dead viruses to prompt a protective response. From what we’ve read and understand, the covid vaccine uses your mrna (messenger ribonucleaic acid) to instruct your body to protect. From what we understand, this has been studied over the past two decades (i.e. rabies), but not population-wide, and studies still don’t know the full long-term effect, even on something that has traditional flu-like numbers. Some writings indicate mild, serious, and very serious side effects, either earlier or later. I encourage people to research so we can have a more-informed populace.


  3. Wooohooooo that’s fantastic, Mel! Which one did you get? I had Pfizer, which I’m very grateful for. Unfortunately it’s still a 3 month wait for the second dose in the UK so I hope it’s still 21 days in the US like it should be. Let’s hope these vaccinations will be what help to put Covid behind us finally..! Have a restful weekend lovely xx

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    1. If what I was told holds true I will get a notice in three weeks. I know they are doing similar to the UK about pushing back but not as bad. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while. I got the Pfizer and I’m happy to have any shot! You take care and tell that small bowel of yours to quit acting up!

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