Products I Go To Ease My Fibromyalgia

With May being Fibromyalgia Awareness Month I wanted to share some of the products I go to for relief to make life easier. I’ve reviewed several of the products and will include the links to the posts.

This post contains affiliate links that earn me a small commission when used that don’t cost you extra and help to fund my coffee habit. 


Aromalief is a calming pain reliever, it has 1000mg of Hemp with no THC. It’s bunny certified and all-natural. I love the Lavender and Orange Ginger scents and they have other scents. The Orange Ginger is great for daytime use. I use the Lavender at night, it has a light lavender/menthol scent and it’s very relaxing. I have neuropathy in my feet, legs, and hands. Aromalief is great for relieving neuropathy, the pain in my legs from spasms, and the carpal tunnel in my right hand. I also slather on my knees and shoulders to help with arthritis and sore muscles. Here’s a copy of my review.

Vital Field Technologies

Vital Field is based on scientific research and works in mysterious ways. There are three different energy cells; No Pain, Anit-Inflame and Resistance.

I have great success with my knee pain with the No-Pain Cell. My knee needs a total replacement and is always hurting due to bone of bone pain. There is also a great deal of inflammation surrounding the area. As mentioned in my review, I received pain relief in 20-30 minutes after putting on the No-Pain Energy Cell with the provided patches. Once I ran out of patches I used regular surgical tape and found the same results.

Vital Field is offering my readers a generous 20% discount with code 20FORMELINDA

LEEF Organics

I use many of their products and have yet to review them. The one product I rely on is R&R CDN-CBD balm. I use the balm all even my lips. My main routine is to slather a thumbnail size amount in my hand and focus on the carpal tunnel area, then rub into each hand and also focus on my cuticles. My hands feel lighter, it’s hard to explain, it’s not that all my pain is gone but it’s less. I have not had luck with CBD drops but have had great success with topicals.

What makes LEEF Organics different? The bottom line, they use a cold-press process and the finest ingredients Heat degrades and loses some of the natural properties. There is also attention paid to the soil which helps to produce a cleaner product. Their products are organic and non-GMO. 

Sleepgram Bed Pillow

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE PILLOW with LONG-FIBER – ADD or REMOVE inserts to adjust to your comfort, perfect custom made pillow each time – for all sleep positions. Allows greater ventilation than adjustable foams – Promotes proper alignment allowing deeper sleep through the night.

I bought mine on Amazon for less than the company sales on their website. I’ve had mine for about a year and am very happy.

Essential Oil Cool Mist Diffuser

You can pick one up at most home sores or there is a huge selection at Amazon.

I love the smell of a relaxing essential oil as I relax before bedtime. The key for me is one that is quiet and easy to clean. Mine looks like Bamboo and has is several years old.

Stressless Recliner

This Scandinavian company knows how to make the furniture right and beautiful! Their pieces are investments, they will be loved around your house for years to come maybe even generations.

We have the Stressless Recliners instead of a couch. We each have the optional desk attachment and it is worth every penny! Heading towards retirement we decided we wanted recliners instead of a couch. I had already had a different model in my office so we knew the quality of the brand and how the desk attachment held up, mine’s probably 10 years old.



The headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV, and rest. Activate the sleep function with one simple movement to lay the headrest flat. You also get anatomically correct lumbar support in all positions.

Home Chef

We’ve been buying three meals a week for Home Chef for a little over a year. It was a little trial and error at first but once I figured out to pick the best meals we have been super happy. Last week, we had three of the best meals yet. They come to you fresh, some of the prep is already done and other items like garlic and tomatoes you have to prepare yourself. We get the tacos and flatbreads very often, the recipes are great and they require little prep and taste great.

You can purchase more meals per week but three is the minimum. They have a good selection from very easy to make to medium prep, this is where we have found the most satisfaction and then they have grilling options.

My life is so much easier since we started with the meal delivery service. Home Chef is rated one of the top two on most list I’ve seen and I would agree. I have been able to participate in cooking dinner much more often and the choices I pick are healthy which is a bonus,

What products do you use to help with your pain or Fibromyalgia?


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