Wordless Wednesday* Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite National Park

So glad you’re here, you make me smile and feel good inside. Keep the comments coming.

These were taken at Hetch Hetchy at Yosemite National Park. We hiked around the dam and came upon this accessible waterfall, it had a bridge over the part I’m taking a photo of. It’s very rugged terrain and is not a regular hiking spot. We didn’t see anyone the entire day.

It’s so serene, you can’t get closer to nature than at this spot.

Image result for hetch hetchy
This came from the Internet it’s not mine.

Hetch Hetchy is a valley, a reservoir, and a water system in California in the United States. The glacial Hetch Hetchy Valley lies in the northwestern part of Yosemite National Park and is drained by the Tuolumne River. For thousands of years before the arrival of settlers from the United States in the 1850s, the valley was inhabited by Native Americans who practiced subsistence hunting-gathering. During the late 19th century, the valley was renowned for its natural beauty – often compared to that of Yosemite Valley – but also targeted for the development of water supply for irrigation and municipal interests. The controversy over damming Hetch Hetchy became mired in the political issues of the day. The law authorizing the dam passed Congress on December 7, 1913.

Hetch Hetchy




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